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  1. Hello Everbody!

    This may be a premature question or it might not. Im quite new to this and this is the only plant I have going at the moment.. I came across the seed compacted into a seed pod on a rather larger Sour Diesel bud. The plant is currently outdoors and is about 2 1/2 weeks old. I have a picture posted below. After looking at the plant and where I pointed out in the picture do you think its a female or a male or is it just simply too early to tell. All input is appreciated.. Thanks.

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  2. Too early bro

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  3. Kind of late for such a small one outdoors depending on location. It will be awhile before you're able to determine sex either way. Good luck !
  4. long way from that thing showing sex..looks like your on day 14 ... way to early patient don't overwater or overfeed ...


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