HELP choosing light for my indoor tent

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  1. hello folx
    first of all new here thanks all for your help and answer
    i buy all the equipment that needed, well not all but most of the equipment.
    i only need to chose light now, and i need your help for this.
    so the main light that i think will be good is the Samsung LM301B light

    My tent is
    180cm - Tall
    120cm Wide
    60cm - Deep
    * i thinking about 3-4 plants to put inside (automatic plants)

    now i need to chose a light, so ther is much options for the LM301B kind:
    -1 board 3000k
    -2 board 3000k
    -1 board 3000k +660mn
    -2 board 3000k +660mn
    -1 board 4000k
    -2 board 4000k

    so i am really confus and need your help here!
    thnks alot
  2. 4000k = veg
    3000+660 = flower
    3000k = veg+flower

    Assuming you are talking about 288 boards (there are many boards/lights that use the LM301b diode) then I would say 2 boards.
  3. So i will go with 2 boards 3000k +660mn?
    Or 2 board 3000k?
  4. Depends, are you going to veg and flower or just flower with these lights?
  5. Veg and flowers same light
  6. Then I would get the 3000k boards.
  7. Only 2 board with 3000k?
    Without the 660mn?
    Some people say that the 660mn can give nice push on flowering, some say 3000k only will be enough..
    Im confused
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  8. The added reds are the newest thing supposed to be improved spectrum.
    I'm wrapping up a grow now with the red
    and compared to the one before that was just with the white I've gotta say......

    I have not seen the difference both lights rock my space out . Great lights
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  9. Are you sure? I thought the red was meant more for flower. Wouldn’t that induce too much elongation during veg? I saw somewhere HLG said they are working on a veg board with added red but it’s not out yet.
  10. I’m running a side by side comparison of 3k + 660nm versus 4K plain board right now.

    It’s too early to come to a conclusion, but the 4K spectrum seems to be growing a stickier flower than the 3k did for me....
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  11. Are you flowering with 4k? It's interesting because that's what UV light is suppose to do (enhance resin production) but I doubt the 4k board dip that deep into the violate spectrum.
  12. Yeah, I just cut down, a start to finish 3k + 660nm run, and I’m about 4 week out from finishing the same strain under 4K, for comparison sake.

    Check out the past half dozen posts, here:

    Take it with a grain salt right for now, but I haven’t seen a direct comparison of these two spectrums side by side.

    I hope I can come up with some kind of result that others can build on.
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  13. So bottom line its cost the same price, so its better with the 660mn why not :)
    Thanks folx
  14. One Mars SP250 can cover that tent well. It is newest quantum board design.
  15. Thnks bro, for this price i will go with the Samsung Quantum board

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