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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by normajean420x, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I live down here in West Texas and in the past few weeks I'd heard about some "Headband", so I decided to pick some up yesterday. It was $25 a G. It was super good. I've been trying to look it up but it's not comin up with anything, so, does anyone here know about this bud?
  2. headband is a legit strain. 25 a g though is steep, but take what you can get..... now toss some pics up
  3. Fuckin great strain, one of my favorite to smoke, and its fun to grow too :D
  4. 25 a g is silly but the headband I've had has been some of the strongest bud I've smoked. Right along with chemdawg and diesel.
  5. I wouldn't be paying $25/g for anything unless your prices are steeper in general then mine over in texas, but headband is great I just smoked some 707 headband with my buddy last night and watched avatar it was great
  6. Everything is usually $20 a G, but every now and then it'll be $25. It's usually when it's just some kind of "killer dank" weed. But I agree with y'all, headband totally kicks a bunch o' ass.
    I'll try to remember to put some pics on here. I'll be taking them with an iPhone so I'm not too sure how good they'll look.
  7. im in Louisiana and 25 a g is pretty common here, i try in stay away from 25 a g but as long as your happy all that matters..and yes headband is a legit strain, now if you actually got the legit headband who knows, but who cares? it got you super baked all that matters:D
  8. Hows this shit do outdoors? cuz my climate seems to hot for og kush.
  9. sour d crossed with og kush? oh ya... that shit was smokin. got a half for 235... but it was worth it.

  10. Your sig is really sweet.
    You skate or bike?
    Happy Blazing:smoking:
  11. according to that link its only a 3.5 star bud

  12. That would be the 707 Headband, a commercial clone native to the west coast. Good bud but not as good as either of its parents...then there is the "loompa" Hedband which if memory serves me right is a Diesel x Northern Lights cross, this would be the one that'll knock your dick in the dirt. :wave:

  13. Loompa sounds like sex on the beach. Diesel. Northern Lights. What more could you want?
  14. <3 headband...too bad I can't find anymore of it around here...for a month that's all I was getting :(

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