having problems with leaves dieing.

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  1. hello, im new to the forums. i started growing some feminized ak47 plants about 2 months ago. at first everything was going well. the leaves were big and lush and they were growing at a fast rate. i dont know what happened but about a month in lower leaves started to turn brown. so i tried getting a ph kit to adjust the ph. it made no difference . so i started to add some nutrients to my watering which seemed to help a little bit. im kinda at my wits end here. ive enclosed some photos hopefully you guys can help. 20190604_185139.jpg 20190604_185143.jpg 20190604_185148.jpg 20190604_185153.jpg
  2. Wait a minute...you're that far along and only just now added nutrients?
    Is that what you're saying?
    If so, that is almost single handedly why.
    Though the top leaves look a bit burnt too.
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  3. Have to take pictures in normal lighting, everything looks purple under those.
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  4. Blurple pic's suck. Take with regular lighting
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  5. sorry about the pictures. hopefully these are better. the reason i didnt start nutrients from the very beginning is i was using a potting soil that had some nutrients already in it. i thought it would be too much. 20190604_191823.jpg 20190604_191827.jpg
  6. looks like you burnt the shit out of em'.
    Looks like PH problem also
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  7. Looks like nute burn to me.. spread her wings out their pretty long.. get some light into her middle..

    Stretch her branches out train her a lil

    Flower tent Vegging outside the flower tent
  8. so what exactly should i do? they were like this before i added nutrients to my water so how do i remove nutients from soil?
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    If they were like this before you started adding nutrients, it really only leaves a couple avenues. You said that you've checked your PH with a ph test kit, and it was in a proper range? If so, I'm not sure what else it would be than underfertilizing. I'm always cautious to advise people to increase nutrients, but if it did this before you added nutes, I'm not sure what else it would be other than a PH problem.
    Examples of Potassium Def, and why it's so commonly labeled as a nute burn:
    Courtesy of Growweedeasy.com
    I don't know how it could possibly be nute burn if you've not added nutrients prior to the symptom's development, unless I misread your post. Don't give up on growing buddy, and welcome to Grasscity.
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  10. I agree, flush them and get pH in check.
  11. "the reason i didnt start nutrients from the very beginning is i was using a potting soil that had some nutrients already in it" that soil is probs the issue cause it sure looks like nute burn to me , and if so adding nutes just makes it worse . Time released nutes do exactly what you saw ,,,, grow fine at the start then burn as they release .... if it were me id transplant into some soil without nutes in em and flush
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  12. any recommendation of which brand of soil to go to? it seems like 90% of the stuff available here is filled with nutrients.
  13. some of the leaves look like the light is burning the leaves ,,heres a picture of light burn on leaves ,,mac.. Marijuana-plant-symptoms-light-burned-leaves.jpg
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