havent had any since sunday!!

Discussion in 'General' started by mae779, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. This sucks fucking BALLZ. Shit man, I hope my cousin comes over tommorow because hes selling me 2 grams of good shit for 15. How long have you been without weed :eek:
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  3. About to be 15 days.

  4. coffee huh? idk bout that one........
    does sound bad....

    when i have to go without...is usually not that bad....depending on what im up too......if i stay busy is all good...if i have nothing to do and dont find something to do i will go out of my mind!:eek:
  5. fuckk that sucks
  6. yeah. it was seeds. oh and what is really annoying is me and my sister are growing and my cat pissed on it. BITCHHH. we transplanted to a new pot. hopefully it grows
  7. At first I thought you were talking about sex.

    After I read the part about your cousin, I was thinking this thread was going to turn into something about incest.

    After reading your entire post, that's still the part that I chose to focus on and write about.

    Thank god I reupped today. :hello:

    And after re-reading your post a second time I just realized I answered your question too! Bonus!
  8. been dry once in the past 2 years
  9. maybe i am ;)
  10. how did you live...
  11. The first 14 years of my life, havent looked back since. Small towns in the hills are nice:smoke:
  12. it's not THAT big of a deal!

    it's been 5 days going on 6 for me!and i have some,my cousin came over and offered but i politely declined AND my sister has some and she's over here.

    It's all about will power!
  13. A week today. Yup its forsure about willpower, just tell yourself you don't need it. Then again, this week of soberness is by choice for me
  14. same here.honestly i just haven't even felt like smoking.when i finally do though it's gonna be nice cause im gonna be stoooonnned!:D
  15. nymy record is 33 fdaays :confused:
  16. haha tonight is gonna fucking ammazzingg! im gonna look like the black swan because my eyes are gonna be soo red
  17. I will be without all day today because I left it at my girlfriends this morning and I'm to lazy to make the hour round trip to get it. I just told her to save me a couple of bowls if she smokes any of it.
  18. trying to make whats left of my stash last till payday so none till the end of the week

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