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Guides for Apprentice Tokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RMJL, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. #1 RMJL, Jan 3, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 31, 2010
    Hi Blades.
    This thread contains links to most stickies that were originally posted in this forum to assist Apprentice Tokers.
    The stickies were basically guides for Apprentice Tokers hence the name of this thread.

    If there are any other threads in this forum that deserve to be listed in here,
    please PM me with a link so that I can add the link to the thread.

    Hopefully, this will take away a little of the clutter in this forum
    and help put all necessary information into one location for Apprentice Tokers. :)

    How to Roll with Cellulose Papers
    Contributed by blip420

    Comprehensive Guide to Smoking Using Various Paraphernalia
    Contributed by astrocheese

    A Comprehensive Guide to Dealing with Police

    Contributed by sinsemillapleas

    Guide to Dealing with Anxiety/Panic Attacks and Paranoia
    Contributed by weedidas

    Apprentice Toker's Guide to Bongs

    Contributed by sparticus63

    Apprentice's Guide to Vaporizers

    Contributed by GlitterPaws

    Apprentice Tokers' Guide on "How to roll a Joint" with lot of Pictures
    Contributed by ElendGold

    Apprentice Tokers' Guide to Laced Cannabis
    Contributed by DoblazE

    Apprentice Tokers' Guide to Bud Quality, Quantity, and Pieces
    Contributed by Phased

    The Apprentice Toker's Guide To Not Being Scammed
    Contributed by kushman2020

    The Offical How To Pass a DT
    Contributed by SugarcroN

    Random Urine Analysis Guide
    Contributed by Herb.

    MOLD on pot - photos
    Contributed by Lebowski

    how to find pot in a new city...
    Question contributed by getaway420

    Research and Studies

    Contributed by amsterdamage

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