Guerilla Pimpin' 2011

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  1. So after a 1 year hiatus. Vaderus Hazerus is back.

    Gonna try to grow me some buds. Outdoors.

    I have about 75 clones having their light cycle reduced while cloning gearing up for this.
    The problem is... Ill NEVER dig 75 holes. So Ill shoot for 20


    Blue Widow (White Widow X Blueberry) Dinafem

    Osiris (AK-47 X White Widow) Pyramid Seeds

    Anesthesia (Northern Lights X Black Domina) Pyramid Seeds

    Tutankhamon (AK-47 renamed) Pyramid Seeds

    My last spot was good. (see it here) I went back there again this year to see that security isnt the same. So it forced me to look further and Im glad I did. I found what I think to be close to the perfect spot. Isolation. Sun. A water source. Bears. Rattlesnakes.
    Oh wait.

    Here are some pics of the spot, and around it. I didnt have the settings right on all the pics but you can get the idea. It was logged a few year back so the overall canopy in this area is low. With tons of small clearings that are hard to navigate because of the thick vegatation between them,

    think a bear did that to that tree? Or took that poop?
    Im pretty sure it moved my shovel like 10' as well.

    Questions, comments, feedback, welcome.

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  2. Oh I have 8 holes dug and ready to go already.

    I can plant around may 15th or so, Ill probably plant my first 8 while I dig some more.

    As you can see there are bears in the area. I used peat, fertile soil, lime, cow manure and organic fertilizer that contains fish. I spread the fert all around, not just on the holes in an attempt to confuse the bears. We'll see.

    I couldnt add the pic of the clones because I put it in my indoor grow. Link in my sig.
  3. sub'd good luck bro. i wanted to get some BW myself but im going with the GHS WW. oh and fuck them bears i aint got to worry bout that where im from just deer and snakes mostly

  4. Well Im growing BW indoors and I just cut some. It seems pretty dank. LEMONS. Still drying.
  5. Man everyone is growing that BW this season. I'm gonna keep an eye on these and maybe add this to my next years grow. Good luck this season, and watch out for bears.
  6. thats because everyone got them free from the attitude.

    I like what Im seeing and smelling from them inside so far.

    AND, I WILL be watching out for bears...thx.
  7. Goodluck up north I'm guessing or out west?
  8. looks good man, love the spot. nice strain selection as well, you like pyramids stuff a lot? let me know if you get any bear activity. i had a shit ton last year but havent seen any this year... im sure ill have problems though im putting lobster compost in the mix:rolleyes:
  9. Thx man. Im in the NE.

    Honestly bro, yeah, their stuff seems pretty legit so far. I havent had anything finish so we'll see what lies ahead.

    Yeah, the organic ferts I used have a bunch of fish stuff in it. I threw a handful in the bottom of the holes in hopes that when my plants got big and the roots hit the bottom they would get a new kick. BUT, I also mixed some in the dirt and sprinkled some on top. So I took a few small handfuls and threw them around the site scattered. Think it will keep them from digging up my fresh mix?
  10. i would have scattered some far away from your stash so they will stay on that side. but thats just me i mean wat the hell do i know ha
  11. it may confuse them but idk if it will prevent them from digging in the whole. what im going to do is use deterents rather than trying to confuse them. i use a hot cayane pepper based spray and apply around the plot, also will try and apply as much urine as i can around the plot, but the bear are used to us so not sure if that will be super effective. they usually just dig the holes up in the beginning of the season and than they leave em alone.. that is if they even go for em... in my experience
  12. oh i see. thanks for the info i would have never thought of using hot pepper spray or urine for bears. what one of my buddies does is he will start puttin corn out a few months early and get the deer to get used to just coming to that one spot and when they do he finds a plot clear on the other side and then he sets 2 or 3 traps for coons or anything of that nature. deff +rep tho
    Well I figured that once they did dig any holes up they prolly wouldnt do it again. But we'll see. The pepper spray is an idea though. Ill be using moth balls again for deer. They work great.
  13. thanks for reminding me, haha! i love me some moth balls. and yeah thats what happens, the bear come once and usually dont come again... and its usually only early in the season, when they are hungry.

  14. Ya know Ive been thinking about this for a few days. Hopefully If theyre going to get into them theyll have done it already and I an come in and plant behind them.

    If not... Guess THATS why I have so many clones ready.
  15. very glad to see your growing outdoors again! Good luck subbed, u got a nice spot.

  16. Thanks bud.

    Ill be heading out in the morning. My clones havent fully rooted yet though. So Im going to have to make an extra trip when they do. Hopefully this week sometime.:(
  17. So even after a really productive day yesterday Im kind of still bummed my clones were'nt ready yet. Still no roots. (only been about 2 weeks though)

    Good News. Im now up to 17 holes dug and ready to go.

    Im taking older clones that have established roots and starting to reduce light on them. Im thinking I just may take alot of bigger ones out instead of freshly rooted clones. Any idea on fastest way to do this?

    I have the same partner in this grow as I do in my indoor. And he was trying to say that we could just put plants out from 24/0 light and they wont start budding. He thinks we only have to worry about adjusting them to the sun. We have a week full of rain and clouds so I threw 3 AK-47's out just to prove a point. :rolleyes:

    We did get caught in the rain. Im talking full on, rain hard for hours, rain. So by the time we made it out we were thoroughly soaked. The camera got wet and the pics started coming out crazier than usual.

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  18. These pics didnt add for some reason.

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  19. Still looking good man. The pics still look pretty good and yea ive been in that situation a cpl times when i was deer hunting just having to keep walking even tho completely soaked fucking sucks but all for the good of the ladies ha

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