Grow tent on ebay?

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  1. Hey GC, have any of you guys ever used this grow tent? Found on ebay for $80...

    Mylar Grow Tent Box Hydroponics Cabinet 32 x 32 x 63" Reflective Indoor Room Box | eBay

    The dimensions are 32x32x63", which is almost perfect for my growing space. I'm planning on using this for a single plant hydroponic scrog grow with an air cooled 400w MH during Veg and 400w HPS during flowering.

    My goal is for this grow to be as stealthy as possible. My biggest worries are air circulation and temperature, and noise. Please let me know if you have used this product, or a similar one. Or if you just have an overall better suggestion, I'd really appreciate your feedback!

    Thanks GC!!
  2. If I be you I would stay away from those sweatshop made tents .
    1)Zippers might tear off
    2)Ports could be wrong size
    3)Plastic(tent) might be toxic for your plants

    Get one quality tent which will last you longer instead of that unreliable thing.

    This website has video reviews of most(if not all) major brands.Grow Tents, Quality Grow Tents -
  3. ^ pretty good advise, i also have heard the same as RO, about the ebay tents, i will say to most deffinately avoid the ones on ebay lined with WHITE, those apparently leach chemicals into your plants under intense heat
  4. Thanks for the advise and quick replies! I checked out the site RO referred me to. I like this one:

    Secret Jardin Dark Room Pro DR60 II Grow Tent

    Do you think this is enough space to fit and keep cool a 400w bulb? I want to keep cool with 6" exhaust fans, and thinking of making this diy chiller:

    I also saw this tent. What do you guys think of this?

    GrowLAB Horticultural Grow Room - GL 60

    Thanks again for your help!!
  5. +rep RO! Thanks a lot for your input!

  6. If you have any questions on setting your DR90 , you can take a look at my journal( link in my signature).Good luck .:wave:
  7. i like my gl45
  8. Never used anything else to compare, but we use and love growlabs.
    They seam to hold up well and are strong. Easy to clean and hold a lot of weight from the top.
    We have 6 of their tents we are prolly a lot tile partial.


  9. Haha, I spent about an hour reading your grow journal this morning. Very impressive! Lots of great information. I'll definitely use this as a reference once I get started.

    I want to gather all my equipment first, then get going. I'm thinking I should be good to go around mid-January or early February.

    Thanks for all the feedback on the tent. I'll be ordering this in the morning...

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