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Great idea

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by mememantis, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Cheef Burgers. hamburgers with weed. that is all
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  2. some guy already made them cannaburgers
  3. nah mine will be with cheese and butter and such, cheef burgers. like it will have weed and butter rolled into the burger like those burgers with cheese in the middle and it will have thc extract on lettuce with tomatos and kief sauce on top. so ya
  4. I like it. Like put some oil on it and damn that sounds tastey, i love my burgers
  5. ya im definently making it and posting results and recipe if it works
  6. Already several threads on it, covering a variety of options :p

    \t\t\t\t\tOriginally Posted by BadKittySmiles [​IMG]
    The cooking isn't actually long enough, to allow your canna to become fully bioavailable within your system.

    If cooking with canna was as simple as grinding some herb or hash in a burger, we wouldn't have so many failed edible stories and complaints.

    If you want your burgers to actually get you medicated, without wasting a huge amount of inactivated or leaked medicine, rather than just having a canna flavored burger, you need to incorporate an edible, activated, fully processed and bioavailable canna or hash oil. It's simple, let your hamburg sit on a few paper towels or clean paper bags, until some fat and much of its moisture has seeped out. Then incorporate a little oil. If your oil is weak, incorporate more oil, and to keep consistency (and retain even more oil and potency, which can be done either way) add some flour, or breadcrumbs.. in that case, with a little parsley, garlic and a few extra herbs, it's a meatball-burger. [​IMG]

    Remember; hamburgers (along with most meats) lose a lot of fat, as they cook. There are more efficient methods of consuming your canna, but there are plenty of ways to make our potentially less-effective "Gourmedibles", effective as well. Good luck!


    If you're working with solid meats such as beef, chicken or fish, this is the way to go; insert canna oil cubes inside slits you've cut into the meat, similarly to infusing a meat with flavor. You then 'cork' the openings with a piece of garlic, which maintains a larger size as the meat surrounding it shrinks. The oil is then forced to distribute through the meat.

    I often use pre-made capsules, for easy individual-dose cooking. [​IMG]

    As a glaze, I sometimes like to break down hash candy (the two amber-brown triangles, next to the capsules pictured below) in my mortar and pestle.. this is where the term "Gourmedible" comes in, while the potency of the inserts will be retained, the remaining potency of the glaze, is often wasted... unless you incorporate it into a gravy for potatoes, fries, or anything else you like with gravy. [​IMG]







    \t\t\t\t\tOriginally Posted by BadKittySmiles [​IMG]

    If discretion is truly an issue in your kitchen, and you can't decarb normally or make an edible under normal circumstances, what you can do instead is prep your herb a week or more in advance, before you even purchase your meat:

    1 * - Take your herb, leave it in an open plastic bag overnight drying it further, making the initial grinding more effective. Then grind it into a powder and place it in a clean tin, such as a mint container, or candy box. If that is not available, create a make shift 'bag' from foil. Seal loosely with your finely ground herb inside. If using foil, seal completely leaving a large air pocket inside (more air than herb), then cut three or four small slits.

    2 * - Place your container either on, or next to your computer vent, on the back of your tv or cable box, or any similarly inconspicuous heat source.

    This will cause decarboxylation which converts your cannabinoids to their active delta forms, by removing the carboxyl group in the form of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

    Carbon Dioxide can go 'critical' at temperatures in our atmospheric pressure as low as 72 f (usually closer to 86 f), meaning it can almost instantly effuse through solids like a gas, and dissolve materials like a liquid. This is why we jar our herb and store it in cool, dark locations.
    When we decarb by applying gentle heat, we're both activating, and helping along the natural breakdown and decomposition process of our glandular material.

    And the heat of the container, even if only a raised a single degree or two higher than the external ambient temperature, causes humidity to form in the atmosphere within the chamber, and then force-convects that moisture out into the cooler atmosphere through cracks, until all the internal atmospheric moisture is eliminated.
    It's the same principle as a drying box.

    3 * - When the herb is crumbly dry like a powder between your fingers (and if already ground finely to begin with, it should only take an hour or so at a gentle 90+ f, depending how cool the external atmosphere is), you will want to switch to a small glass or ceramic dish.
    4 * - Just barely roll the herb around in a very small amount of olive oil or canola oil, don't 'wet' your herb, just 'dampen' it with the oil. Then set it aside in a cool dark location for up to several weeks, or back in front of your small heat source (on and off, of course) for at least five to seven days.

    5 * - Finally: Mix into your hamburger as usual, and cook it as rare as you'd like because your cannabinoids are already active and bioavailable, and your meat is sanitary!
    The less you cook and the more rare your burger, the fewer juices and oils you'll lose.

    Feel free to add flour, or even breadcrumbs when mixing your meat, then with a bit or garlic, parsley and oregano, you've got a delicious Meatball Burger... it will have a higher fat content, due to the flour or crumbs absorption of oils and juices, but you'll hardly taste the difference burger-wise with your bun and dressings, and preserving oil is exactly what you're looking for.

    Hope this helps.... I numbered the paragraphs you're probably most interested in, as far as the process goes.

    Sorry for the length [​IMG]

    Hope this helps! [​IMG]
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  7. That looked like you were inserting a supposatory...:rolleyes:
  8. how high are you right now? jesus christ

  9. first off, love ur shit BKS so i'm not trying to put ur advice down by any means
    though this works i'm sure, i just pulled a 14 hour high off of some cannaburgers, i:
    decarbed my bud, one of the .5g was actually decarbed in the microwave(didn't look around enough before i started) and the other 1g of medical shit was decarbed in the oven at 220F for 2hrs(which i guess is too much for maximum potency, but same as before, needa look around more) and then i broke it up as good as i could with a pocket knife cus i don't have a grinder
    then that was mixed into a burger with chives and basil from my garden
    this sat in the fridge for a day and a half(thought we were gonna eat em them)
    then into a deep freeze for like two months
    then onto the kitchen table for the afternoon yesterday
    then cooked at 200-250F(changed it a bit during cooking)
    and near the end i kept it on my warm setting and heated the buns while letting the buns and patties soak in the extra fat/oil that i caught off the burgers in my oil pan from cooking and then we threw osme ketchup on the patties and ate em
    fuckign high for 14 hours!
    (though we almost never toke or anything so we have extremely low tolerance)

    so, again with all due respect, its not NESSACARY to make hash oil or something first
    this works, its stealth, i could've cooked em in front of my grandma, and its effective, and they tasted really fucking good!

    but with all your experience, ur method may have lasted much longer
    however what we did, was about as far as we were wanting to go lol:)
  10. #10 BadKittySmiles, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2011

    I should hope it worked... :)

    Man has been eating raw, and essentially raw cannabis for thousands of years with some amount of success, but when processed correctly into an edible, bioavailable oil, we need much, much less material to achieve an even stronger effect... meaning, you ate about the equivalent of four and a half times, a strong medical-grade edible dose! Most patients who don't face debilitating or crippling pain, are content with half a medical dose.
    1.5g, when processed properly, can keep many people well medicated and in the sky for the duration of the day, on almost 8-9 separate occasions. Under-processed burgers split between two or three friends may still provide decent effects, but the same amount in a well-processed oil, will provide even stronger effects, for a larger number of friends.

    Picture if someone ate, not just one section, but an entire Hubby Bar. It would have had to have undergone almost zero processing, for a dose that size not to work!

    This is why processing matters, even 'worst-case-scenario' edibles such as the firecracker, usually require much less material than 1.5g (with 0.5g being the usual firecracker dose).

    edit - If you have enough material that using it less-efficiently, or not to its fullest potential doesn't bother you, and if you're never a day without meds when you really wish you had some, then such recipes are certainly acceptable.

    Hope this helps clear things up for you :)
  11. holy shit i learned
  12. yeah, maybe next time i'll make some good oil and split it among a bunch of edibles
    supposed to be picking up an oz here soon and so i'll make some oil with soem of it i think and make a bunch of edible:)

  13. To be perfectly honest that sounds pretty gross dude! Like the time my roommate made brownies and just threw a OZ of weed in the brownie mix lol!
  14. Truthfully that sounds like a great idea but that dosent sound good at all I think it would be gross
  15. mine tasted pretty good actually, but i made cannaburgers not cheef burgers....

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