Gravity and Waterfall Bongs with Water Bottle

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  1. Can I use a normal 16.9 Foz waterbottle to make a gravity bong and a waterfall bong? Its literally an Aquafina bottle. I'm getting some mids tomorrow and I wanna know if I'll like actually get high off of just that. All the suggestions ive seen were 2 liter bottles or just bigger bottles. Usually my house would have em but for now we don't and im getting my bud tomorrow. Your help is appreciated. Toke on. :smoke:
  2. probably. you just won have to use as much weed and wont get as many tokes off it.
  3. Try it with a sobe bottle you can knock out a hole easily with the indent in the bottom.
  4. yeah man... the bowl i made with the bottle is a small one.. but to see if it worked i got some of my moms cigs and put some tobacco in the bowl. I took a huge ass hit and I was dizzy man! haha i cant wait till tomorrow
  5. Yeah I've used those size bottles before for easier use/ more stealth. They work fine but with mids you'll have to pack that up like 20 times
  6. Smart water bottles work well for the top bottle
  7. seasoned toker's my gump.

    yes that will work perfectly fine haha
  8. Haha it will work perfectly. For now. As said before you will have to do it a few times since its small. But on a plus note, Aquafina is a coke product though and will work with ANY coke product. (except for something like ya know, powerade) So keep that cap and next time you run into a 1 ltr bottle grab it. A 1 liter aquafina was my standard back in school, worked like a charm.
  9. ugh, my throat hurst just thinking of hitting the old 2L grav full of mids:(. i mean youll get high, but that shits harsh as fuckkkk, try and use a down stem to filter if you decide on that.

    i use a single aquafina bottle and just drop 2 every time. instead of one big stale 2L.
  10. You can use pretty much any water bottle to make a gravity bong. I've got a great article with pictures and a step by step guide. Hope it helps!
    How to make a Waterfall Gravity Bong
  11. i like using gatorade bottles because u can switch the caps onto the larger or smaller bottles whenever you want to use something different.
  12. I prefer smaller bottles, I feel like the smoke is more dense but it's probably all in my head.

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