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  1. regarding a bagseed indica grown outdoors with loving care. There are soda can wide buds up on top that are about at foot long. How much will one of dem mothers weigh when trimmed and dried? Someone said one gram per inch, is that all?
  2. i would think a hell of alot more then that if there that wide.

    can never tell tho

    it could be super dense and be like 3+ ounces or someshit.


  3. Hey Stickerbushman -

    I am in process of testing the wet weight to dry weight of buds.... Just before I put several buds in the dry room the other dayI took the weight of each and recorded it in my grow notes. I will check weight again of these same 5 buds when they finish drying but before cure. (They sould be done tomorrow sometime and I will let you know how much water weight loss weight we are talking about when we dry our pot....

    Kisses -
  4. Once they are properly dried and cured so that all the THC is properly decarboxilated it is usually 23-28% of the wet weight
    Most is sold at about 35%:(
    and is smoked and gone B4 it reached its full potential
  5. i have some cool people answering my question. first i got some winter colo girl giving me kisses, thanks so much! (i have two ski western trips planned this winter already), and to the Dr. Bud, thanks for your concern about my smoking my self out before it matures, but i can pretty well guarantee that will not happen in this case. beacuse it is all for me me me!!!! In fact, after I get all set, I'm liable to be on the bubble for the year. reminds me of a number of years ago when i was able to procure 2 z.'s of black hash and smoked it for a whole year, it was my nightly 9pm, let's get crushed before bed procedure. I'm an old timer, 30 yrs on and off the bud, i leave the lady for 6 mo.'s or a year and jump right back in the sack with her once i start again.

    last night i was out in the moonlight, kisses girl, you would have loved it out there being romantic with your favorite buzz man. anyway the moonlight and the flashlight lit my big one up and seriously, i think it is on max overgrow overdrive right now, the white fuzz was popped out and a little taste test(eat) told me i am going to have some cotton candy when this is all done.

    now what is going to be funny, is me trapasing all over these woods carrying a huge sack of colas. then trying to dry them in some huge cooler, well, i'll figure it out and certainly won't smoke it all up before those buds are primo, around christmas.

    too bad i don't have any local cronies to share all this euphoria with. i figure, 2.5 weeks to wait for first big takedown.
  6. Hey Everyone -

    So here is the info I gathered..... (not going to tell you grams per inch but will tell you wet vs. dry weight of your buds)

    Bud # 1 was 22.8 grams wet and dry was 7.1 grams.
    Bud # 2 was 37.7 grams wet and dry was 11.2 grams.
    Bud # 3 was 14.5 grams wet and dry was 3.6 grams.
    Bud # 4 was 11.8 grams wet and dry was 3.1 grams.

    So you end up with about 25%-30% left of the weight after it has dried.

    (Spot on to what DrBudGreengenes said it would be!)

    Kisses -

  7. i heard you can lose up to 50 or 60% of weight after you dry but im not sure. it does dry up ALOT.

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