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Got some new wax, and it looks so different

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by spincut, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. So the last couple times I got wax, it was either purple-y or brown or green, with the texture and look kind of of fruit leather, sticky and shiny hard amber looking stuff.
    So the other day I pick up from a new guy, he doesn't know what it is unfortunately (but smells and even works decently enough), an it's more of a beige cream color, looks almost like peanut chunks, and is not really sticky at all, pretty dry in fact (this difference worried me, but at the same time it's pretty nice to be able to just pick them up with my fingers without worrying about it sticking at all).
    Anyway, if anyone can weigh in on why it looks so different (and has such a different texture), that would be cool. If someone might know what I have even better (yeah kind of hard to tell without being here and smelling it).

  2. a picture will help everyone...
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    This might be of help to you.
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    Ok wow, this was really helpful. I have the "butter" right now. Despite what the guy in the video says, I like it! I am sad to hear it doesnt keep as long according to him though. Honestly I find it EASIER to dab with because it's so non stick, so despite being nervous it was of a lesser quality from the blue dream wax (actually it was more akin to what he referred to as sexy amber/oil actually :p ) . I want to like the sexy amber glass stuff, and it does indeed have a candy like flavor, but yeah it's so messy and difficult to parse out.
    I am starting to realize actually that people have far different needs when it comes to dabs too depending on whether they have a glass rig like this fellow does (too much work and upkeep in my opinion, on top of being super pricey). The butter I have probably would be a little difficult to dab on a glass rig with due to its non stick, but if you're rocking a dab pen of sorts, it is kind of great to be able to pick it up with your fingers and drop it in.
    It wasn't super informative from a quality evaluation perspective given he didn't explain terribly well why he felt one thing was better than the other (seemed very opinion/stuff based rather than the different types being the indicator). But I also get the impression that just about most of this stuff minimally is of a decent quality (at least, I didn't think making/selling shwag level oil was a thing people even did).
    And yeah, I didnt post any pictures because I'm still kind of new here and was a little bit hesitant (yes I did read that grass city's servers are in the Netherlands or something, but I was still a little iffy on putting up photos).
  5. I've never dabbed myself (I'd love to! it's just not very available where I live), but I follow the CCC's videos and I thought that one would have been of help to your situation. :)
  6. certainly isn't very easy to find. I actually lost the one person I had who could get it, got really sad, and then found someone else just by chance (probably the only neat thing that came out of my otherwise rather mundane evening out on New Years). But yeah, because it was a new person, AND they weren't sure what it was (usually they know they said, but in this case they didn't get to find out), and it didn't look like what I was used to (previously it was more the amber sexy whatever stuff).
    But yeah, honestly, once I dropped some in my pen, it didn't really matter so much :p . I just like to know what I'm getting, and at least now I sort of do. At least moreso than before.
  7. I personally wouldn't trust any sort of extraction in my area. Once I have my own place I'll look into making the extractions myself. I'm glad to hear you managed to get yourself a connect though! Props on that.
  8. Oh, none of these people are doing it locally/themselves. Pretty sure it's shipped in from elsewhere. While I don't know much obviously, I probably would be able to tell if someone was trying to pass off some half assed homebrew stuff on me (at least now I will, that was my main concern when I first saw the "butter", but honestly, while I still wanted to figure it out, I knew the stuff was decent shortly after I posted about it, since tried some ;P .
  9. Post some pictures pussy
  10. Now that I know the app is pretty safe to send photos from..Also no need to call me names for being cautious ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1389908498.902156.jpg Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. just looks like some crumble..
  12. #12 spincut, Jan 16, 2014
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    Is that the same as butter (I guess I've been misspelling it and it's actually budder :p ) ? Because I feel like it looks a lot like that in the dudes video.
    Smells pretty good too? Although I'm having trouble specifically identifying what it is based on that. Got some nice funk smell to it. Might be a sativa strain.
    The stuff I had before that I posted a pic of in another thread
    Honestly, as far as effectiveness, they both seem to work about the same. My older more amber stuff tasted a little better, but that was because I am particularly partial to that strain.
  13. wax/honeycomb/crumble/budder IDC its all the same to me, poop. I prefer my errl to be clear.
    I'm pretty sure if you call it budder then that means it was whipped.... not sure though
  14. The impression I got was that it's that very process that causes it to be that color and consistency, and while most people with sticky dab rigs disdain it mainly for the texture (due to it's non stick nature that I actually find to be a plus in my case), no one has really proclaimed any quality differentiation on it (except maybe when it came to shatter, but even that is starting to sound more like a preference in some senses).
    I have never seen "clear" earrl, nor can I really see quantifying all except that one type "poop". As I said, the main difference I noticed with this mystery stuff (aside from it being easier to handle) is that the flavor didn't quite measure up to my more "sexy/sticky" Blue Dream. If anything, it almost packs a firmer punch (to be fair that sometimes can happen in my experience just by switching a strain you havent built a lot of recent resistance up with).
  15. a picture will help everyone...
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  16. [quote name="Jimmy Carter" post="19353563" timestamp="1389910095"]wax/honeycomb/crumble/budder IDC its all the same to me, poop. I prefer my errl to be clear.I'm pretty sure if you call it budder then that means it was whipped.... not sure though[/quote] it's called honeycomb. That's just the crumbles of the honeycomb. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscit
  17. [quote name="xfgjpeng" post="19357287" timestamp="1389956807"]a picture will help everyone... [​IMG][/quote] no picture came up!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscit
  18. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1392164412.093200.jpg

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  19. I'm confused, I posted a picture of my stuff in the end, what does a random picture of someone else's stuff (which on too of everything else isn't even hash oil) have to do with anything??

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  20. Quality bho should be stable and clear(unless you are making wax less wax). You are complaining that the quality blue dream was sticky and you couldn't touch it. That is simple because it wasn't made right and is probably filled with wax's

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