GG4 day 14 of flower.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm a third time grower but first time to flower. (Sometimes the paranoia wins..LoL) I've got a couple pics of what my garden looks like. Started at the end of May from seeds found deep in a fat bud of GG4, due to a little sciff, (small pot problems) they were vegged for almost 11/weeks. Super stretch right around day 3 of flowe . They now stand 5'5" in the 5 gallon bucket they're in. Ok, Now that I have paraphrased.... My question is, do you guys think the buds are OK size for day 14? Ive got weekly pics since the start, I plan on posting all in a grow journal soon, I will divulge all potting and nutritional information then. Thanks all for your input. View attachment 2486867
  2. Looks good. Right around where they should be(I’m on my first grow as well) Currently 13 days into flower myself.
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  3. Comparison. Seems pretty close, if not identical.

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  4. Cool. Thanks bro. I appreciate it. Eases the anxiety of wasted time and money. Lol. What strain to you have going?
  5. Yeah. I know what you mean. But the guys here have helped me along the way. A lot of good guys with tons of knowledge. I have white widow and Pineapple Express going(clones)
  6. Nice . I've had the express but never had the opportunity to taste the white widow. I'm a bit jealous your going to have a whole crop of her lol . i got lucky with my seeds. Hopefully i can get those thick ass buds its known for. Yea, I've got alot of info from these growers, never personally but reading on everyone else's journals and questions and troubles helped immensely. This site got me out of a rootbound problem thankfully. Thanks again man and I look forward to seeing how that widow turns out.
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  7. Let’s hope I have a full crop of it. I have a lot of weeks to potentially fuck up lol. GG was really big here. All everyone would smoke. Then GSC came around and they dropped it like a bad habit. I like GG personally though. And if you start a journal be sure to put a link here. I’ll follow up man.
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  8. Here’s mine if you want to pop in

    First grow
  9. You are doing great, and she is looking sweet, as gg4 will only pop nine fingers when you got her perfectly dialed in...
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  10. I will for sure
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  11. Thanks for the assurance. That's right around what I have per plant, give or take one or two. I doubt I get anywhere close to what its capable of, but I'm hoping for at least 3 or 4 quarter plus buds. My second go will be a lot less stressful I think. Thanks again!!
  12. Update::: day 26 of flower. Cut one hermie out on day 23. Wasnt entirely surprised since gg4 originated from a hermie. But i was completely depressed i had to murder it... So im down to 3 beauties . They chunk up every day, im waiting for that week 4 super spurt tho. If it happens ill post more pics. Lmk what you guys think . 20180825_150453~2.jpg 20180825_150453~2.jpg 20180824_214421.jpg 20180824_214758~2.jpg

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