Flying High At Mount Olympus (Edit: Pics!)

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    EDIT: Pics!

    Well, mates, I just came back from mount Olympus, the "home of the Gods". I went there with 3 friends, spent the night sleeping just a few meters away from a waterfall, without even a tent over our heads. Just us, nature, and the mountain's archaic consciousness. Here is a little more info about the mountain that a whole civilization chose to define as the place that the gods reside.

    And here is a little more info on the experience we had there...

    We arrived there at noon, about 6-7pm. There were four of us, close friends, all of us experienced with psychedelics. We found a good spot, just a couple of meters away from a small waterfall, and we laid a waterproof plastic with a blanket on top of it on the ground, to provide a dry place to lay on.

    Two of us gathered some dry woods from around us and stored them for later, when the night would fall. I split the Thai mushrooms on 4 equal doses, and we each proceeded on eating them, along with a couple of cookies to ease them down.

    20 minutes later, we began feeling the first effects of psylocybin. Sounds became a little more intense, colors more vivid, and the veil of normal perception was gradually lifted. One of us proposed taking a walk in a path leading further up onto the mountain, through dense vegetation.

    After a 20 minute walk, we realized that this wasn't such a good idea, seeing that we were starting to feel pretty heavy, and after one of us mentioned that people have been lost in this mountain before, we decided to return to our base.

    Nothing had prepared us for what was coming.

    Now let me explain something, mates. If you have ever experienced a heavy psychedelic trip, you'll know that what goes on within the trip, stays within the trip. It is extremely hard to verbalize the feelings and thoughts that you have while tripping.

    This is why I tend to not talk a lot about things that I experience on psychedelics. We seem to lack the necessary linguistic structures to express these states of mind.

    So: as long as we refrain from trying to crystallize these feelings, we can keep them, and have them available in their original form. If we try to condense them into language, we risk loosing them, because then we parse them through our logic, and logic tends to be violently territorial, cutting away everything that is not within her boundaries. I know this is difficult to understand, it's not for every mind.

    Keep in mind that this is my own perspective of what happened. Even though we were together in it with my other 3 friends, we haven't talked about it, and we're not going to. We experienced it, and that is enough. The reason I'm sharing this with you is that I always try to get more people involved in psychedelics, and pass along my views on them, a more shamanic approach than the one most people have. Those of you who have a similar approach, please adopt this attitude too, and share your views. Psychedelics are meant to be tools for mental exploration and revelative experiences.

    So, lets get back to Olympus.

    By the time we got back to our spot, and laid down, we were already tripping hard. Visual distortions have taken over our optical perspective, and mandala-like patterns appeared everywhere.

    Then, the night started falling, and with it, something else came... As the light became scarce, it became apparent that something was nearing us from the high tree-covered cliffs above us.
    By the time it was dark, all we could see in the place where the mountain was, was a huge dark mass with shadows cast from the trees on it, and the moon lit sky above it. Even though it was a full moon, it would still be hours before it reached us to this side of the mountain. It was beautiful.

    I was constantly looking on the top of the cliffs above us, trying to figure out what was that that was casting such a devastating presence on us. Was it the moon? Was it the light that came from behind the mountain?

    Two twin stars were seated on top of the highest trees above the cliffs, and although we could barely see them, I felt like they had some kind of consciousness, inviting our own minds to ascent onto a higher state. They looked like eyes.

    Two of my friends started playing their guitars, and we begun singing. There was a definite feeling that we had to be heard by something, that something was enjoying our mental state, our celebration, and was drawn near us by it. Trippy as it may be, as long as we played music and sung, the twin stars were bright and clear upon the sky. By the time we stopped, everything was darker again. So each time we paused, I urged everyone to continue singing and playing music, and told them that we have to "draw it near", or to "bring it here, bring it here".

    It was then that I first noticed the sound. A very distinct buzz. Although we had the waterfall's roar covering the more subtle sounds, it was something else that I was hearing. A very very low tone, like the lowest tone a man can produce with his voice. Like a psalm, a hymn of some sort. It was all around us, not produced by the waterfall, but from something else. I had the certainty that it was the sound of the energy flowing around us.

    Bear with me, folks, I know this is strange, but read on.

    By the time I noticed this sound, one of my friends holding a guitar stopped playing, and started tuning his guitar. To my amazement, he was tuning a string to match this exact frequency that was being produced around us. It was a pulsating sound, like some indian hymns I have heard before, it was sounding like "vvvmmmmooooaaammmmvvvvmmmooooaaaammmmm".
    I recognized the sound's motif in many psychedelic songs I have heard, some indian hymns, tibetan psalms, and new age psychedelic bands like sphongle. It was that exact sound. I wonder where they got it from. Probably from the same universal source.

    My friends started playing music on top of this frequency, either consciously or not. I figured out at some point that I could too produce that sound with my voice, and I experimented with my hands to create some sort of cavity through which the note I produced was amplified. This tune was so low that I felt it pulsating within my body. After a while, I realized that I could somehow draw this frequency from the ground on which I was sitting, and it was clearer and more intense. It sounded shamanic. Like a psalm. My voice came in waves, and I produced sounds that I didn't know I could.

    After hours of us singing and improvising on the guitars, we reached incredible magnitudes of musical harmony. I remember producing sounds with my voice, singing, whistling, and with various hand gestures. I was certain that what was happening, was us channeling this place's energy through our sounds. I have never heard anything like that, it was amazing.

    And then they came. They slowly accented down from the cliffs, passing through the trees, flying slowly through rock cavities and nearing us. Fireflies. They slowly came towards us, circling the small lake we had in front of us. One at a time, lighting up like a bulb, coming close, then turning off until another one appeared. We were absolutely dumbfounded. Fairies. Pixies. Spirits of the mountain. Entities drawn close to us by our celebration. It was absolutely staggering, mates.

    As soon as we stopped singing, they seemed to go away. As long as we kept the music on, they were accompanying us, dancing a few feet away. I was certain that they felt the channeling of the energy near us.

    And then I remembered. For the next hour or so, I had a most revelative experience. The Thais kicked in really hard, and I was blown away, singing and moving on the rhythm. Time, was no longer linear. I have no better way to describe it. Time, was no longer an issue. I was there, and I was there before, and I was there again in the future.

    I remembered simultaneously countless realizations from past experiences which I never had! Never! I remember thinking "I'm NOT gonna forget! NOT this time!! NOT again!!!"...

    I remember remembering how easy it is to manipulate the fabric of time and space.

    I remember figuring out for the thousanth time how to gather energy from around me, condense it into more compact forms with my voice and my hands, creating orbs of highly concentrated energy within my palms and hurl it werever I wanted!

    I remember remembering how many times I have figured this out before, not knowing whether it was in my dreams, in my subconscious mind, or in past existence!

    I remember realizing that we ARE the gods, and if we find the right approach, we can trully manifest our thoughts at will. It was amazing...

    I know that this is as close to magick as we can get. I created things that night, I manifested my thought. I drew entities around us from the mountain. The pixies seemed to respond PERFECTLY to my gestures. I really felt things coming around us, touching me, and circling around us. The sky was ridiculusly easy to manipulate, lighting the stars more intensely, disolving the clouds, and illuminating the mountain. One of my friends loudly exclaimed at one point "Is this really happening??? Are we really all together in this thing????"..

    It was magick, mates, in its most primitive form. If we know something about ancient civilizations, is that they didn't give such huge importance to places for no reason. I now know why there are not any known temples on mount Olympus. It's because the whole mountain IS a temple. The energy there is amazing.

    We came down from our trip about 1 hour after that. We walked up on the mountain, chasing the moon. We didn't even have a flashlight, for fucks sake. On mount olympus, were many people have been lost, were I don't even know what kind of animals reside, and we walked without light, absolutely certain that nothing was going to hurt us. It was true. I didn't even get a mosquito bite. After a while, we tooka turn on the path, and there she was.

    I have never seen a full moon so bright. It was like a HID light pointing straight onto my face. It was staggering. You could feel the light bathing you. We sat on a spot and sparked a fatty, no talking, no sounds, no nothing. Just us in complete silence, the glorious moon, and the mountain's archaic consciousness.

    Now, after a day, I look back at what we experienced there, and my logic tends to classify it as a hallucination induced by the mushrooms, nothing more than a chemical chaos inside our minds. Maybe it was. Maybe not. It is we who have to decide. Now I know what all the shamans and ancient civilizations felt and considered nature to be the most sacred consciousness. Whether you get there through psychedelics, or through other means, it is there, waiting for you. Call it Gaia, God, Nirvana, Theosis, it's still gonna be there. Dismiss it, forget it, ignore it, it's still gonna be there.

    And all we have to do, mates, is trust ourselves. Trust our own kind, a species that used psychedelics for millenia, facilitating trips to other mental states, to other states of understanding. We have to take a forward leap there, into our past. It is there that we have a rendezvous with our future.

    Fly, mates, and see for yourselves what's to be seen.

    See you there.


    Edit: Here are some more pics:



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  3. ^ agreed, Ill read it...but in a minute, I gots bagle bites that need eating.
  4. I have many questions for you, but the experience is not to be spoken of, so I'll just have to ponder the details. :rolleyes:

    +rep for being deeper than any ocean.
  5. what an experience. congratulations on the amazing trip man, it really sounds like you all had an awesome time. have you tripped in many places that hold meaning?
  6. that is a very interesting experience, sounds very powerful.
  7. Sounds like an AWESOME experience bro. +rep:hello:
  8. Haha i thought you were talking about Mt. Olympus amusement park in Wisconsin dells. They have some bomb ass go cart tracks there!
  9. + Rep

    That was beautiful description. I could really invisage your trip and cannot wait until my final A level exams are over so I can experience some hallucinagenics. Your trip sounded absolutely amazing.

    By the way, how did you manage to procure magic mushrooms for your trip? Did you acquire them in Greece or smuggle them with you on your flight?
  10. Thanks mates, it was really a unique experience, I hope it will soon be repeated. This time I'm gonna aim for a McKenna dose though ;)

    That was the best rep I've gotten so far dude, thnx, really good vibes. I'll describe anything I can condense into language.

    Not nearly as many as I would like, Dr. And although I know that the psychedelic trip takes place within one's mind, the energy of the place where one is situated seems to have a vast impact on it. We were lucky, I know it sounds somewhat bizzare, but there was a consciousness there, a big huge powerfull deep resonating entity. I believe it was the mountain revelling on our good vibes :D

    It was, dude, we experienced absolute connection with nature back there. I aquired the Thais in Greece, but it shouldn't be too difficult bringing them in with you.

    You don't have to worry about that actually, if you set your mind to it, you'll most certainly find them, our will has a peculiar way of impacting our environment, as you'll soon find out.

    Just as we knew that nothing was gonna bite/sting/attack us if we spent the night there. I don't know anybody willing to spend the night at such a wild place, without even a flashlight, not even a tent. And still, we were certain that nothing was going to harm us. Good vibes are good vibes, and all life senses them and revels on their impact.

    Heh I remember my ma telling me on the phone "cover yourselves up for the night, don't be stupid, there are snakes there." and me telling her "snakes are not gonna be an issue, ma, don't worry". I drove 980 kms to be there, and it was certainly worth it.

    I remembered a friend of mine asking me for a lighter while we were high, and me snapping my fingers on his cig to light it up, like it was the most natural thing. When we saw it wasn't lighting up, he exclaimed "We got to do it like we did it before!".. But it was futile, logic has already gotten in the way.

    Damn, mates, I wish there was a way for all of us to have a psychedelic trip together. We were four! Imagine what a hundred more consciousnesses would do!

    Take care, mates, and aim for such experiences, psychedelics are a powerfull tool for the mind, let's use it properly.

  11. Wow you're an inspiration man. That seriously sounds like the best trip I've ever heard of. The only hallucinogenic I've had experience with is salvia and that was pretty wild, but it was only 25x so wasn't half as strong as say, 50x. One of my best friends experimented with San Pedro Cactus last week and said it was the most disgusting thing he'd ever tasted hands down, but the trip was amazing for the most part. He said his visuals were expanded to unthinkable levels. I wasn't quite brave enough to try it three days before my final A level Philosophy exam like he was, in case I had a really bad trip and it affected me to the point where I couldn't revise anymore. But next Tuesday is my FINAL final Philosophy exam (the one last week was my final Philosophy of Religion & Ethics exam, the one next week is XY Connexions) and then I'll be free for the Summer to try whatever I please.

    What hallucinogenics would you recommend, bearing in mind that I have had extremely little experience with them?
  12. Thanks dude, that's really good to hear.

    I'd definitely recommend giving mushrooms a shot, dude. There's a funny thing about shrooms, most experienced psychonauts will probably know this too:

    They always treat you nice when you start, assuming you have the right attitude! Always. No matter what you think, you can't really fuck things up with shrooms when you are making your first steps.
    There is some kind of protective mechanism on the way. I know it sounds strange, but I've found this to be the case with many people. Your first trips are gonna be pleasant and absolutely uplifting.
    Offcourse, if you read enough things, you'll know that you'll be steping on a thin layer of glass and below you there's gonna be a VAST abyss, but you won't have to experience anything heavy untill you're ready for it.
    Even your hallucinations, if you take a big enough dose, are gonna be pleasant at first. It's probably going to be a trip of mental exploration and discovering your mind's potential.

    But then, after maybe a dosen trips, or whenever you feel ready, maybe in a month maybe in a year, you'll find yourself tripping your ass off again on shrooms, and you're gonna say to it "enough! enough of this, show me what you are, I don't need petting any more! Let's get on to the real important stuff!"...

    ...McKenna described this particular phase very scillfully. He said that the room suddently got much darker, and the temp dropped at least 3-4 degrees on a heartbeat. It was like a huuuge wave approaching. There was a sound of something colossal coming, and all the trippy colors and mild euphoric hallucinations gave way to a dead serious darkness, like he was in the middle of the outer space. Offcourse, he said "stop! stop it, ok, let's get back to the rolling candies and all this stuff, I won't be able to take this yet!".

    There is a turning point on the psychedelic trips. And this is it. From this time on, the trips are going to be way different, this is where the serious things happen. This is where the HUGE machinery on the size of MARS appear. This is where the ancient landscapes and strange structures condense into existense. Trully ancient knowledge on the form of pure information. And that's where it's gonna converse with you. A powerful experience indeed.

    Don't let me unnerve you, friend, just start with a couple of grams of dried psylocybin mushrooms, if you want more specifics on the species just tell me. Trust me, there is a wast ocean in there, but there's also a beautiful shore, you're gonna have amazing experiences. After you're a little more experienced with psychedelics, you'll want to try DMT as this is the real shortcut to dress yourself up on the mental furniture of our future.

    I'm getting carried away again. I hope you'll give mushrooms a go. Leave the mescaline for later, when you'll know how to use the push you'll get from it to learn things. Mushrooms are gonna take you by the hand, and gently introduce you to yourself! :D

    Take care, see you out there. ^^

  13. Haha thanks man. I'll definitely be procuring some wild shroomies over the summer. Have you ever experimented with San Pedro cactus? If so what was your thoughts on it?
  14. Unfortunately I haven't tripped with San Pedro yet, dude, you really need to be able to completely ignore you stomach to manage to down this stuff, it feels like a really slimy cucumber inside. But there will always be a place in my mind for mescaline, for sure. I consider it to be one of the few psychedelic substances that actually have something more to them than just effective chemicals. Like DmT, and psylocybin. A bit heavy for a start though. Not really friendly all the time.

    Good luck with your shrooms, man, go for it! :wave:

    See you around

  15. well done... there really is something to be said for the BLATANT (while on shrooms, at least) connections between the objects/enviroment around us and our own energy. whether they have energy/consciousness of their own is another debate... but i can definitely pick up what you're putting down about vibrations, waves, and forces. the times i've been on shrooms - aside from the trippy visualizions and colors of course - the most astonishing thing for me is the very real sense of being able to "feel" energy. mushrooms really turn up the volume on the electromagnetic forces, in my opinion. i was playing with a nice silver pen the last time i tripped; it felt like it was GLUED to my hand.
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  17. Enjoyable prose, makes me want to dose! Keep on the humble path my friend.
  18. I wish i had the shrooms you did......

    That sounds wonderous. Treasure that memory.
  19. Very beautiful place!

    Going on hiking trips or adventures out in nature while under the influence is always fun.

    I love to chill at places like that.
  20. That sounds amazing. I hope that I have a trip as wonderful as this.

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