First time scrog!! Uh oh...??

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    Hey GC

    This is my first time grow and scrog and just wanted to see if my first attempt at scrogging is right or not???
    Will post photos tomorrow. Mobile uploads are not working tonight :)

  2. Kinda hard to tell, without photos, or a description, or anything
  3. Pics as promised


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  4. Very nice, I like the use of rope for a screen instead of metal. What kind of lights are you running?
  5. 1x 600wt MH and then 12/12 1x 600 wt HPS

    I am planing on switching them over this Saturday coming. :)

    Have I Scrooged correctly? First time so I wasn't sure and the rope works great so far lol

  6. You did a good job on it but a few things could use some work next time, and its largely personal technique. If that works for you don't switch, but for the most part when using scrog you want to keep the main stem under the screen and let the side chutes through the rope so they grow towards the light and become tops themselves. You have it right but when you keep the main stem under it is easier to make the most out if your screen.

    It looks great so far though so keep it up, I'm subbed to see how it turns out, keep me updated. Are those bagseeds or a specific strain?
  7. Thanks heaps!! That makes me feel a lot better because I was really worried lol but here's a link to my GC grow journal

    Check it out if you like. I usually do all of my posts and updates on there.



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