First time grow, something is wrong with my first plant

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  1. Hi, my biggest plant suddenly stunted and now looks like this.
    Will it recover and what is wrong?
    20170827_144911.jpg 20170827_144950.jpg

    Here is the other plant that looks just fine
  2. Here's a better picture to also show differences in leaf mass, because I had to kill a lot of leaves because of weird deficiencies like the ones on the picture. 20170827_144859.jpg
  3. If you have deficiencies/lockout, you have pH problems.
    6.3, don't stray from it.
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  4. IMHO nutrient burn. I know you are gonna say that all the plants are being treated equally why this one? But looking closely at the others, they are showing signs of nute burn also.
  5. I thought it was a nutrient burn too, I did flush it but with tap water that was not ph'ed, been 2 days now.
    Where can I buy ph'ed clean water?
    Or should I stick with tap water and put something in it to lower the ph?

    The ph of water is 7-8, idk how to bring it down.
  6. no, just no.
  7. They need to be fed after being properly ph'd.....jesus
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  8. At the point when I fed the ph of soil was 6, so I figure if I put the water in with 8-9 the soil would be 7-8 ph and it could absorb nutrients?
    Guess not.
    But problem still remains, how can I easily get team ph down in soil environment?
  9. PH ing soil is tough to do. I don't do it. Maybe its tough for me b/c I don't do it so I am bad at it. Anyway, if you want to lower the ph of your water and you do not have anything store bought to do so, use lemon juice.

    From the pix--next time it looks like you could use more perlite in that soil mix. BUT its hard to tell from the pix. From the pix it looks like coco coir to me and not soil.

    The badly burned plant would be isolated in my world or removed completely from this world. Why? stressed plants invite pests.
  10. The soil is 3 months old and there has never been perlite in it.
  11. VERY BAD..even with good soil Like Fox Farm OF..That is looking like Miracle Grow Soil..I hope not, since it has no Perlite and worse yet..time release nutrients in it..Tell me it ain't so (I hope)
  12. I'm sorry, yes. The soil I bought was very high quality, I recently replaced all the soil on the plant that you see that has very bad deficiencies, as I tought it might correct the environment for roots again, it seems to have recovered a little better after doing this.

    Should I replace the soil in the other two as well? And then water with clean ph'ed water 6.3???
    Thanks in advance.
  13. I would not..Too much stress as it is..There are people that do well with the MG fact there is a recent threads like this one..*problem is that Drainage is still lacking:(
    Also since your plants are in MG w/ nutes, I would not use any additional until they show deficiencies.
    Remember..Less is more when growing DA WEED!!:)
    Nute Problems.jpeg
    Next grow, I recommend FFOF + 25% additional Perlite mixed even though it has its own, just not enough. Also Fabric pots for me (I use 5 gallon)

    First grow - Miracle Grow Soil
  14. Sorry Watering ph is best at 6.2-6.8 with soil..Soil is more forgiving than soiless so you should be just fine watering with 6.3..BUT see this chart..
    ph chart.jpg
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  15. So it seems the problem is the PH in the environment and I should get it to 6,5 and give the plant time to replenish itself.
    Thank you for all the help.
  16. You have compounded issues. I'm sure you have way too much nutrients built up in the soil now since the plant isn't feeding. The plant is sitting in an overly rich medium but the ph is so far off it can't feed.

    I would buy some promix/perlite, transplant with an 85/15% mix. When you transplant attempt to dust off as much of the old soil as you can without tearing up the roots. Get a bottle of ph down and a ph test kit. Figure out how many drops of ph down it takes to get your garden feeder to 6.2-6.0 range. Get a bottle of GH floranova bloom and feed that at 4ml's/gallon. If you did all that they would bounce back in a week or so and start feeding again but the damaged leaves would stay.
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  17. I will transplant with new soil and perlite, I thought the soil was too hard, wasn't sure tho :p
    Thank you for all your help folks.
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  18. Perlite is one of the best tools in constructing a thriving soil for cannabis. It's very lite so it resists compaction. This is key to getting air to the roots. Roots breathe oxygen, leaves breathe CO2. Perlite absorb the feed water, the looseness it provides to the medium will allow the excess to drain off and the feed it stores will slowly feed the plant while the well drained soil aerates at the same time. It's a recipe for rapid growth and root expansion.

    I prefer course perlite. I use precision brand.
  19. A soil that packs too tight or retains too much water will cut air off to the roots for long periods of time while the wet boggy medium slowly dries.
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  20. I got a very coarse bag at my local grow shop 4 cuft for $6usd (sorry forgot the brand, but at this price..sure it is a loss leader..same shop sells FFOF for $14 for 1.5 cu ft..same loss leader)
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