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  1. Hey GC community, I’ve been a lurker of these forums for 14 years. And I’m finally about to embark on my first grow, and I have some questions. I constantly search the forums looking for much needed help, but sometimes it feels like it’s just so much. I feel like I have to attack this directly and ask you all.
    Anyway!! I got the ok from a family member to use his furnished basement for my first grow. I plan on setting up a 4x4 ac infinity/or Vivosun grow tent. I plan on starting with 4 plants, via the bubble bucket method, may even do soil(fox farm). I was looking into lighting options and I think I’m going with a 600w HPS. Seems like it’s the Honda Civic of the lighting world. Obviously(not really) I’ll be running a 6in fan and a cooled hood on the light to help with heating issues. Is this a good start?
    I have about a $1000 start up limit. Any and all advise is greatly appreciated
  2. I do love HID lights, but LED is what you should really be looking into.
  3. I totally agree with pistils. As much as I love and miss HID, I wouldn’t go back from LED.
    Spend the money up front on a good name brand LED and it’ll last you a very very long time.
    As far as your bubble buckets orDWC I would keep it as simple as possible your first go around, it doesn’t get much simpler than a bubble bucket. Try to keep whatever nutrients you go with as a simple schedule.
    I myself would only do 1-2 plants at first because it’s going to be overwhelming at first.
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  4. Depends what your goal is. I set up a 4x4 with a Pheno 440 for under 1K. Working good so far. If you aren't really trying to reach a specific goal, most lights sized appropriately for a tent will work just fine. Personally, I went on CL and FB marketplace and got everything used. Was able to set up 3 tents that way. TBH i would bet with 14 years of research the only issue you'll really see is the one all beginners see, overwatering. lol If you've never done hydroponics or kept an aquarium and are not used to maintaining water, you might want to try starting with soil. Sometimes thats just simpler for people but if you are just looking for "how to start" advice, I would say set a budget, get the best you can on that budget, but don't sweat it. You'll find out what you can do with that set up, then you can decide if and how you need to upgrade in the future. In some ways, starting simpler is better.
  5. I would go with LEDs, and Mick's KISS coco method, can't be beat for a first time grow.
    However, I can never find it when I want to!

    @MickFoster hey bud, where is your Coco KISS method post? And who do we have to bribe with a joint to get it stickied?
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  6. I didn't know anyone read it anymore. Lol.
    Mick's Coco - K.I.S.S. - Scrog Method
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  7. GC is a good place for stoners but here is just what you need Grow Weed Easy - Learn How to Grow Cannabis with Simple Tutorials
    LED has replaced HID, tho I prefer HPS, I know I will again be using an LED in the next year or so

    welcome to GC
    good luck
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  8. Thanks for your answers yall. I’ve been looking into LEDs but there’s so much information and I feel like HIDs are simpler? Maybe it’s just my lack of LED knowledge. What’s a good LED to start with in a 4x4? I’d prefer to just buy a kit if possible. What about CMH? I’ve been reading on them as well and I like that it don’t run as hot and apparently the bulbs last longer? Use less energy?
  9. So I been looking at LEDs. My question is what is needed for a 4x4 tent? If I get a QB what am I looking to buy exactly that will produce great buds. I see 3500k is used for both veg/flowering. Is it really that much better to go this route then to just grab a Hps/CMH?
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  10. When I grow 4 plants in my 4x4 I use 2-QB260 boards. I would have purchased 4-QB135 boards if I did it all over again. It's nice to be able to move each board over each plant as necessary. I also have a single QB135 Rspec and a QB135 Bspec. HLG makes a quality product.
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  11. The issue I’m having is deciding which light and just going with it. First I was set on a 600w HPS. Then I was leaning towards 315CMH . Now I’m liking the LEDs. Imma probably just start with 2 plants being it’s my first grow. I was looking at the SP4000. Would that be enough to flower 2 plants ? I was looking into HLGS 550 but there sold out. Should I just grab something like that or just go much damn info on the web
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  12. A lot of folks here run those Spider Farmer fixtures. I do not have any experience with them. Keep in mind that the CMH needs some headroom as you cannot run that fixture as close as a LED or HPS or you'll burn/bleach your plants. I'd suggest 2 of the HLG260 Rspec kits or 4 of the HLG135 Rspec. They are very easy to build, even a child could do it. This way if you only run two plants,one of the HLG260 or two of the HLG135 lights will work fine. HPS will run hotter and you'll be replacing bulbs every few cycles or you're losing lighting efficiency.
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  13. Ok so say I grab 2 HLG260s. I can run them through flowering and be good? Obviously with experience I’ll have a better idea of what I want to do moving forward, but I’m hoping this we be a good start. How should I space them? Center them and the plants right underneath?
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  14. Yes, you can run the QB260 Rspec fixtures from seed to the end of the flowering cycle.
    I space mine evenly over each row of plants.
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  15. Pardon my slow reply, I was just waiting for someone to respond to you that has more recent knowledge of the QB's, as I'm about 2 years behind, and in lighting... 2 years is a LOT.
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  16. I still have an original QB260 fixture before they came out with V2 's and the DIABLO versions. I still grow great weed with that board. Maybe better than my QB260 Rspec. In the same 4x4 tent growing different varieties. Both cycles and the old original QB260 out-performed the newer QB260 V2 Rspec. I don't have a DIABLO yet. I just can't see a reason to upgrade. I grow all I need with my current lighting.
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  17. Im not quite sure of your point, are you implying that 2 years is NOT a significant amount of time regarding lighting upgrades? Because that's the difference between blurples and QB's..
  18. My original QB boards are 3 years old. The QB boards I had before them were from 2017-2018. I believe they came out in 2016 if I remember correctly. I did have and ran some of the old Mars hydro 300's pink/purple leds before then.
    My point was, any of the QB boards will grow great plants.
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  19. So you're very well aware of the differences over a few years. I just prefer not to speak out of my ass you know? I could recommend boards from 2-3 years ago that worked great, but if I do that and there's been some nice upgrades since then, I'd feel like a dick. So if you have experience recently, I'd rather you or someone else recommend specific boards. Lol.
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  20. OP, just look at HLG, look at the reviews, and you'll be set!
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