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    Welcome to my first ever grow
    I originally wanted to start my grow in a cab I built until i realised how limited I was going to be on space. Especially with the 200w dual spectrum omega cfl, that had to be replaced after the original got broken in post :D DSC_0049.JPG I was originally going to run 12v computer fans for intake and exhaust but very quickly realised i needed more space, shame really as I was really pleased with the quality of my build she was totally sealed and light proof apart from the intake and exhaust that i was gong to block off with light traps so i upgraded her.
    Next she went into a chest of drawers DSC_0080.JPG which was a bit bigger and allowed me some more room, I had to mount the fan and filter on the outside, this meant i had to push the air through my cf scrubber rather than pulling through it. At least I had somewhere with a bit of room to grow in. DSC_0079.JPG
    Once my chest of drawers was fully built I decided to germinate a honeysuckle seed from advanced female seeds DSC_0085.JPG

    But as you can see I've got a major light leak problem, DSC_0083.JPG which isn't a problem right now as I'm running the lights 24hr but obviously I'd need to sort it out asap, I did have plans to sort it but then I've decided on her final home.
    I've ordered a 0.8mx0.8mx1.6m tent along with a mars hydro 300w led @smokesara they should be here today or tomorrow.
    She popped 22.07.2017
    Planted in soil same day after germinating for about 4 hours (much quicker than i expected)
    I've just planted 2 regular seeds from KC Brains california special last night aswell because I knew i would have room in the tent so thought I'd see how they go, fully prepared to remove males (hoping I don't get any)
    So final setup will be;
    • 4" Systemair RVK Extraction Fan
    • 4" Rhino pro carbon filter
    • 200w dual spectrum omega cfl
    • 125w 6400K Veg cfl
    • 125w 2700K Flower cfl
    • Mars Hydro 300 led
    • 0.8mx0.8mx1.6m grow tent
    • Plagron Batmix soil with added extra perlite
    Temperatures in grow box are slightly high but she will be moved into the tent soon so that should bring the temps down. PH is slightly too high but I haven't been able to get down to the hydro shop yet stupidly i prepared everything else but totally forgot to get any ph up and down.
    Unsure on what nutes I want to use I've been looking at the biobizz range, anyone with any experience of these, your views would be welcomed.

    So anyway here's a picture of her this morning. DSC_0099.JPG

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  2. Nice! I'm coming......
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  3. Tent is here light should be tomorrow, germinating some more seeds to fill space a bit better DSC_0102.JPG DSC_0103.JPG
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  4. Looks everything is done except the light lol
  5. checked the tracking and shes due in this morning :)
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  6. Nice, when you received the light check whether it is packaged well and the light is OK, for during the transit some products will damaged, if any problems feel free to contact me:)
  7. light was packaged well and all working well turned cfl off for a bit temps were a little high so hopefully seeing as ive only got the 1 girl in there right now ill see how we do on temps now DSC_0107.JPG DSC_0108.JPG DSC_0109.JPG DSC_0110.JPG DSC_0111.JPG
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  8. temps have come right down to where I want them but I'm wondering if shes stretching a bit too much
    she was germinated 22/07/2017 planted in soil 23/07/2017 DSC_0112.JPG
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  9. trip to the local hydro today
    got myself;
    grow nutes
    evolution spray DSC_0115.JPG
    fabric pots
    pot trays
    ph down (damn i didn't realise how strong this stuff was)
    2 clip on fans
    root it kit
    sleeve for the cf
    DSC_0116.JPG DSC_0117.JPG DSC_0119.JPG
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  10. Plants not stretched at all and worse comes to worse just bury the stem some next transplant.

    Grow journal
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  11. cheers mate just wanted to check that my light wasnt too far away
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  12. No real progress but I'm using this log as a reminder for myself aswell here's how shes looking today

    DSC_0132.JPG DSC_0133.JPG
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  13. Got it about 20 inches away right now but she seems to be on a go slow right now still looking healthy just growing slowly

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  14. Quick update the girls seem to be on a go slow
    I've now got advanced female seeds honeysuckle and blueberry twist growing, well the blueberry twist hasn't broken soil yet.
    The honey suckle seems to be on a go slow, I'm seeing everyone else's grow and theirs is leaps and bounds ahead of mine. DSC_0139.JPG
    Worried about the one California special seedling, honestly don't think its going to make it to be honest :( DSC_0141.JPG
    Other California special is going great DSC_0140.JPG

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  15. Quick update seeing as I've added another light @smokesara
    As well as my humidifier :)
    DSC_0176.JPG DSC_0177.JPG DSC_0179.JPG DSC_0180.JPG DSC_0182.JPG DSC_0181.JPG

    Here's how the ladies are looking today growing well if you ask me at only 2 weeks old for the honey suckle and the others aren't all that far behind :)

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  16. Now your babies are only two weeks, you can only turn one light on. that will save more power I guess
  17. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] coming along nicely haven't been on here much due to being busy and no one wants to see plants in veg so here I am she's about 2 weeks into flower I had 2 females and 2 regulars one of which turned out to be a male [​IMG] needless to say he got removed ASAP

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  18. Looking good. Could have removed that male sooner.

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