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first germination . going to clay pebbles in a pot for DWC help please

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Amhai, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. One of my seeds has germinated and according to this guide, I put it root down in a rockwell cube.

    I am using an oxypot system so the cube will go in the holder with clay pebbles surrounding it

    I need to ask 3 questions..

    When do I put it in the holder?
    How far down?
    and to what level do I put the pebbles?

    like this
    \ ___/     <-- top of pebbles
      \[]/       <-- cube
    or this?
    \_____/  <-- top of pebbles
     \ [] /       <-- cube
      \_ _/

  2. By holder you mean net pot? Here's what I do, soak Rockwood cube in 5.5 - 5.8 PH, do the same for the seed. Let the rockwool cube shed excess water, avoid squeezing. Place the seed 3/8 to 1/2 inch into the cube, and close up the hole gently, to keep light out. The seed will orient itself, no need to worry. Place cube in pot with Hydroton, fill bucket (5.5ph) with air stone, to 1in above bottom of pot, keep rockwool moist (don't saturate) until roots enter the bucket, add root supplements if you have them, I use h&g roots excellerator and voodoo juice, 1ml each. That's it! Add Silica Blast (2ml to start) or equivalent once roots grow into the reservoir.

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  3. that's very useful info, thanks!
  4. hurray! I have a sprout thing!

    OMG I'm so happy after the last one failed because it was too wet.

    what is the best ph to have in the reservoir?. I have low nutes in it,recommended for 28 litres but now I have another 28 of ph neutral water added

    I'm using DWC oxypot XL

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    Congrats! But, It's too small right now for nutes. Just ensure that the rockwool stays moist not soaking. You are gonna want to wait for the roots to break through before putting it in the systems. I keep my pH at 6- 6.5.

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  6. awesome, I'll get the water ready at 6.5 and use that before the roots show to spray the cube and transfer to a net pot

    I intend to put the cube low in the net pot so the roots don't have far to go and surround it with rinsed clay pebbles

    should the pebbles go up to the top of the net pot?

    or only to the top of the cube?
  7. Rock wool should be about flush with the top of the net pot and fill around it with hydroton. Also the reason for not putting them in the net pot yet is because it's still a seedling and can be drowned very easily. Hydroton absorbs and retains water if it's too much moisture for the tap root it can get over watered very easily.

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  8. ok got it thanks Weaponized!

    my other seeds has just popped so I transferred it to a cube.

    2017-12-04 08.49.11.jpg

    the first seedling thing hasn't really grown any in the past day, is all the energy going in to growing roots once the first little leaves show?

    2017-12-04 08.48.37.jpg

    (sorry if I'm asking too much)

  9. sorry, can I ask one more question?

    should I put the cubes inside the propagator and put the lid on?

    atm they are both on top of the lid because I felt that the inside was too warm and drying out the paper towels and cubes
  10. Propagator? Like a cloner?

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  11. a heated mini green house thing I used before when I tried to grow veg from seed

  12. yeah put her in. The heated mat will help with root growth and just spray the dome once in a while to keep it humid. Once you see the tap root break through the rockwool you can move them to the system. Also what like are using to veg these? Only reason I ask is cause sprouts are very fragile and an LED in the beginning might be to much.

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    ok good to know, I'm currently using a mars 300 LED light at about 1.5 feet above the seedling.

    I will raise it up and put the cubes in the propagator. I also put a sheet of paper over the cover so that the amount of light is reduced. I assume the light as normal once it goes in the system?

    2017-12-04 16.40.38.jpg

    thanks so much for the information, sorry for needing to be spoonfed the info!
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  14. hurray, second seed sprouted a root and grew a bit!
    008 seed 2 showing.jpg

    first seed still no root showing yet but growing a new set of leaves

    008 seed 2 growing extra leaf group.jpg

    both are growing now, so happy!

    008 seed 1 and 2 showing.jpg
  15. i have just moved seed 1 to a clay pot. Is this the right position? I read before that it should be low in the net pot so it can reach the water in the dwc

    010 seed 1 clay pebbles.jpg

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    The way you have it is fine. Ensure that you read up on that system. I was just reading on the oxypot.
    Oxypot DWC
    Your system is not a normal dwc, it uses misting. So I would follow the manufacturer's instructions in the link. Good luck man.

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  17. thanks for the help!
  18. I've been watering the clay pebbles seedling with water from the reservoir and it seems to be growing, can't wait until the roots show out the bottom
    012 seed 1 clay pot.jpg
    2017-12-10 09.53.44.jpg

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