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  1. For my next grow I'm thinking of using just 1 gal pots. My last crop the plants didn't get higher then 12" so I thinking I could finish in 1 gal all the way. Because the plants didn't come close to touching/overlapping each other I think I could stick 50 in the 4x4 tent and still have plant of light.

  2. Yeh,or you can start flower,when there 18in. tall.
  3. I'm gonna flip them right of the bat once I get the clone, no veg time just like the above crop but need to compensate with more plants since the plants will be smaller. With this strain I can finish off in about 6.5/7 weeks and still get some a good amount.
  4. Just out of curiosity, what was your last yield?
  5. Very nice SOG setup there. I think you could go down to 1 gallon pots. If you are using the same strain everytime you know how much stretch your going to get. My 1 gallon ladies produce fine for me. Like you said add a few more to make up for size.
  6. what strain and how long did they flower for or will?
  7. It'll be Lemon Diesel I think, smells like lemon and fruity when dried. Same as my last crop. I'll flip them right away so the tallest one will be just under a foot tall and will cut them down at about 7 weeks.

  8. So you dont make your own clones???? how old are they when you trip them, im interested about your method could you explain a little more?
  9. I get the clones from a friend and put them into flower right away with no veg time. The clones are about 10 days old - just after roots come out. I know several people who do this but you need to compensate by having a more plants. Usually its 50 per light. It's mostly done in tables or with flood and drain but since I need the set up to be mobile I can't do it in a table and need to do it in pots.
  10. What kind of lighting are you working with? and what type of yeild do you get from each plant on average??
  11. IM guessing a 600 watt MH/HPS...and ur getting prolly getting 15 grams right?
  12. I'm using a 1000W HPS on a 4x4 area. I don't know the yield as I've never done that many is such a small area. I'm also using an air cooled shade but I think I'm loosing too much light through the glass. I see if funds permit and maybe I'll do a air cooled shade with no glass bottom but still run ducting to it and run an inline charcoal filter or run the regular filter backward (push air through it)

    Since not too many people answered I guess I'll be the guinea pig.
  13. I dunno man, but it sounds like you're putting more into the grow than you're getting out of it. You're only growing them to 12"?? I'd think that after all is said and done, you've harvested, dried, cured and ready to smoke... you're probably looking at 8g per plant?

    Not trying to be a douche, but you can't get much out of a foot tall cola. There's going to be no plant involved. That's like going from seedling straight into flower.

  14. Well out of the above crop I got just under 15 OZ (36 plants). If I can get 14 more plants in there with the same/just smaller growth I'll be well over 1lb per crop in 7 weeks or less of flower and no veg..
  15. Yep, nice SOG set up. 1 gallon pots should be just fine. :smoking:

    Enjoy the fruits of harvest.
  16. Some more info from 4 weeks of flowering

    They seem to be growing pretty good in the 1 gal pots BUT they are starting to suck the water up at uneven rates. My last watering they were dry and some wilting at the beginning of the second day after the watering. I've had to over water quite a bit to keep them wet for that long but no big deal.

    If I do it the same way next time I'm not gonna use any perlite/ProMix and either go with straight coco (Hold more water) and 1/4 perlite mix (for more air space) or use ProMix BX and Vermiculite which should hold water longer.

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