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  1. Aweh my fellow potheads.

    Ive got a problem, and I hope someone can help me solve it. A 40 year old lifelong marijuana smoker, I am now in the position where smoking is done as quickly as possible on the balcony instead of on comfy on the couch.

    This means that a few times each evening, when the kids are off to bed and the misses is not paying attention; I can be found on my balcony, hunkered over a little bong like Golem, trying to pull 0.25gr of flower into my lungs with a torch lighter, tears streaming down my face.

    There has got to be a more dignified way to get high dammit. Ive tried dry herb vaporizers, but they are just too weak. I dont want to vape my flower at low temperatures, I want to light it on fucking fire and stuff it into my lungs in as short a time as possible, so I can go back inside and enjoy my high. For one of those dry flower vapes to get me high I need to be out on that balcony for a fucking hour.

    I live in Amsterdam, and although good hash and weed are everywhere, dabs are treated by the cops on a par with Heroin, so its difficult to impossible to get.

    Does anyone know of a product where I can smash coffeeshop hash and or flower in a more dignified way? A high powered electronic pipe? Some sort of portable electronic bong?

    Thanks for you help!

    'coffeeshop hash' is high quality Moroccan brick hash. So it doesn't melt fully, but it does melt a bit.
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  2. Why don't you buy a vape & bong attachment then you can do vape bong hits that's the best of both worlds :confused_2::smoke: + you could more then likely vape on your couch since it doesn't smell as much from what I've heard :confused_2::laughing:
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  3. Small children in the house, not even the shadow of a string of smoke inside is acceptable. Ive tried a number of vapes, and they just dont get hot enough. I want to incinerate a quarter of a gram in one pull.
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  4. isn't this what your already doing?

    not sure what your looking for.
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  5. Buy a windproof lighter & make a gravity bong.. it forces smoke into ur lungs take like 10-15 secs to pull then 2-3 secs to smoke :confused_2: + it gets you high as fuck lol
  6. Yeah, it could be that there simply is no other way. I was hoping that someone was making a 'vape' that could heat the chamber to 4000F instead of 400F....
    Perhaps such a device would simply be too dangerous I dont know.
  7. well your not vaping at that point your smoking or incinerating lol
    the entire point to vaping is low temps/not burning the weed
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  8. Yeah, I suppose I was hoping to press a button instead of using the lighter. I just hate that the neighbours get to see the good citizen programmer father of two who greets all the old ladies with a smile see me hunkered over a gassflame like a fucking junkie.
  9. Yeah, I understand that is the point for casual smokers. But that shit just does not get me high. For me the point of an electronic solution would be that it hopefully looks like I am vaping, instead of freebasing heroin....
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    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads

    ^^^you don't need a lighter or to go outside haha, lots of us have been converted to BnW's hash caps, give it a shot

    good luck
  11. [​IMG]

    The ultimate in stealth stone.

    Decarb 240 F for 40 minutes uncovered. (115.5 C )

    5 grams Hash
    2.5 teaspoons Coconut oil (12 ml)
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin ( 2.4 ml )
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes (104.4 C )
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes

    Fills 30 (0) sized capsules @ 83mg each.
    I've been making and taking these for years now and they work extremely well.


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  12. Hi
    I make custom Pot pipes ,, I am not looking for new customers ….
    I own a machine shop , and can pretty much make anything ,
    Why don't you design your own pipe and have one custom made to your specs ?
    You need a coil and a battery in your pipe ...
    Most machine shops could make what you need .
    Good luck
  13. jah, Ive made these too. But for some reason they work nicely for a few days and then my tolerance just eats them. I found somewhere that the canabis receptors in your colon are much more susceptible to tolerance issues.
  14. This is a great idea, thank you so much.

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