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  1. hey, everyone. my name is Buz, i'm 19. I'm a student, photographer, writing a book, i do alot. and i'm a newly registered user on this site however i've been lurking for a while now. I've used this site alot and it has helped me with alot of things. I'm currently working on starting my own little grow op, with 8 plants. I've gotten everything just need the clones now. I also like to talk to fellow stoners so most definitely message me or something. I love to learn and can use some advice. 
    Thanks guys, toke on. :smoke:

  2. I found alot of people that are great at growing
  3. So you need a hook up for plants?
  4. Messanger>Compose New
  5. If you get a Grow journal going i'll sub :D

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