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Chronic Pain Dosage help

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Lowrider82, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. I need a formula to figuring out my dosage. I suffer from Crohns disease. I usually take an oil. What I usually buy is a 1oz bottle that contains 400mg of CBD. I usually take 5-8 drops in the morning and evening. The dropper holds 30 drops. What formula can I use to figure out how much CBD I am taking daily and if I decide to buy oil that is higher in MG or even lower in MG how can I plug that in so I know how much CBD I am getting.
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  2. if the dosages are labeled correctly then divide the amount of drops into the overall mg in the bottle... or serving size, use that to divide into overall mg of cbd contained in there...
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  3. Here's an estimate.
    1 oz is 30 mL, and a dropper full is about 1 mL, so each dropper full contains about (400 mg)/30 = 133 mg cbd. If one dropper full is 30 drops, then each drop has about (133 mg thc)/30 = 4.4 mg cbd. A 5 drop dose contains about 5*(4.4 mg cbd) = 22 mg cbd., and an 8 drop dose about 35 mg cbd.
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  4. Thanks. That makes more sense.
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  5. you can increase those amounts per serving by adding whole black peppercorns to it before you take the oil... just chew on one or two peppercorns to start the bio-active process... you will be amazed at how you can titrate your oil dosages with the peppercorns... it must be fresh whole peppercorns to work not pre-ground pepper

    edit... one of my favorite threads here at GC
    Cannabis Black Pepper.
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  6. I will have to look into that. First time I ever heard of that.
  7. please check out that info, it is worlds ahead of what we know yet for bio-actives... the cannabis boosters are known as cannabimimetic agents.... they basically mimic cannabinoid receptor activation in one way or another without actually being cannabinoids...
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  8. Definitely will.
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