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Does how much you have eaten effect edible high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 93TheHitStick, May 11, 2011.

  1. Like will it make it so you don't get high? Or will it just make it so it takes longer for you to feel it? I ate a slice of pizza this morning. Then i just ate an egg with two slices of pizza like an hour or two ago. And i just ate like half a weed brownie i found in my drawer. Idk how potent they are though because i got them on 420. And i was FUCKED on 420. So idk if they were really potent or not. But considering that i got them on 420 i am assuming they were pretty good.
  2. Always so polite. ^^ the first post I ever saw by you was the story about your daughter(or son?) and some old lady talking down on cannabis. So you showed her a zero with your hand and your daughter followed. (I believe that's how it went? It was a while ago)
    And to me it makes a big difference in how empty my stomach is. Like 4 hours is preferable.
  3. I almost forgot about that. That was almost a year ago or so. I haven't driven further than 5 miles from home by myself since that day. You got a killer memory. :smoke:

  4. Yeah it's amazing. I can remember stories and tons of stuff, but when it comes to names:confused: but I hope you are doing well and staying in the positive.

    And op how did the brownie work?

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