Does any of you use weed as a dreamkiller?

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    Hi. I am Alex and I never used weed, but I have used Barlene's Mint CBD*.

    I want to share the honest reason why I want to use weed.

    I recall dreams well and they're usually good dreams, and I don't like it much because I am amid something exciting, like getting a new pet fish or a happy trip somewhere, only to wake up and be disappointed afterwards and I HATE being disappointed because I am on the autism spectrum and an exciting thing that did not happen is utter hell.

    To be fair, I was never as interested in weed until mid-January this year when I had a problem of having good and rather vivid dreams so well until I got sick of it. I done tremendous research and I found out that weed is supposed to help diminish dream recall because it has REM-killing THC. However, I have read about conflicting experiences where they can still somehow remember dreams from weed. I also read that dreams can become insane after quitting weed because it restores the REM snatched from weed usage. I became a legal weed avocate ever since.

    To be fair, I want to use weed not to be cool and edgy, but to sleep well and get the munchies.

    The sad part is, I am 18 years old and I am a resident of an illegal state (Georgia) and I still libe with my sister and mom. My dad is in Illinois and he went as far as saying that he'd actually spank me until I cry if I was caught smoking weed because he thinks weed destroys hormones (he probably got his facts from the anti-weed propaganda) and my MeMa is also anti-weed because she thinks about the story where a weed user went crazy and hurt his brother (probably also a believer of Harry Anslinger's conspiracy theory).

    I am jealous of the jolly stoners that can hardly remember dreams.

    * - I can still remember dreaming from CBD.
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  2. I heard Barelenis Mont CBD has a 90% rate of causing cancer.

    Well I read your bullshit post. Thanks for reading mine. Deported

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  3. Ha Ha, Very funny! XD

  4. Are you sure you're 18? :lmafoe::lmafoe:
  5. I never remember my dreams anymore
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  6. I turned 18 last Tuesday.

    I read about stoners who started weed at 16, 18, 20, and stuff.
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  7. Good for you! Do you use indica strains because I read indicas are supposed to assist sleepiness.
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  8. Thanks for sharing; I have hemorrhoids.
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    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    I make these with the strongest indicas I can get my hands on and honestly after consuming I wouldn’t be able to tell ya the details of what happen a hour ago let alone my dreams lol.
    Hope some day your able to treat your own condition without other people controlling ya.
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    Yeah but most people who are Adults wouldn't get spanked by a parent for smoking pot...
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  11. If I told you what I was doing when I was eighteen, the hair would stand up on the back of your neck.
    Spank me?
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  12. Cognitive therapy. Sounds like you’re a little bit over the spectrum.
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