Diagnose this issue for me with given Pics Please!

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  1. I am using advanced nutrients 2 part sensi, day time temps are 77-85, nighttime are 63-68. Humidity is 40-60%, lights are air cooled and at least 18 inches above tops, why do my girls look so sad.... I have been mixing the advanced nutrients at 1/4 strength but im still getting nutrient burn, the runoff from my soil(sunshine mix#4) is 6.7 ph.

    Also, I have a few of the strain:cheese, 3/4 of them have badly twisting and curling leaves, none of them look very healthy, while the plant next to it is thriving.....

    any advice would be helpful - thanks

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  2. How often and how much are feeding, any water in between?
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  4. looks like over watering to me.try cutting back to only feeding nutes once a weak(smaller the plant the less it needs)till run off and than give only about a medium Mickey Ds cup of ph balanced water once or twice during the week whn she gets dry or the best way to test if they need water is to pick up the pot if its heavey probly does not need water if its light give her a cup of water.overwatering can kill your soil so it would help alot to let it dry out and then water with benificial bacteria(compost tea) after hat she'll b drinking it up real nice

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