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  1. Has anyone heard of wind burn ?? Id like to have a discussion on ppls opinion and maybe past experience

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  2. Well i think thats what may be happening to my seedlings, they had pointed claws fan leaves not very much cause i just caught it when i got back from my other grow location they were okay this morning thi so i just moved them away from the direct wind and ill see if it makes a difference. Does anyone have pics of past wind burn by any chance? ?

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  3. Yea i just figured it wasnt to strong on them but i guess maybe it was so ill see tmw morning

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  4. Wind is real but i have never experienced it in 17 years. I suppose its cause my fans arnt strong enough to cause it.

    Do a Google pics search. Should throw something up
  5. I gotta add a thanks, learn something new everyday.

    I've been Continuously growing in DWC for over 3 years and never knew this.

    I've seen this especially in the summertime when I add in extra floor stand fans.

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  6. Right ive grown outdoors and never noticed anything but i had them directly in front of the fan and it doesn't oscillate so it had to be that because i just checked all my ph nutes everything but e was still pointing and then i saw a few pics that looked similar but even google has barely any info on the subject

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  7. It's very easy to see Nitrogen toxicity with the claw and the nitro leaf reverse taco.

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  8. Plants that little need very little Nutes, you don't say what soil, or growing medium is, but if it is a good organic soil, it basically will only need pHed water till flower. But... I'm a hydro guy so soil "ain't my thing" but I start seeds in soil and only give them bottled water till I move them to netpots w leca. Many soils are too hot fir seedlings, let alone if you're adding nutrients..,

    My years of growing have taught me many things,,, Biggest lesson: LESS IS MORE!

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  9. No soil only peat moss reason why i didn't mention growing medium is because i have 4 threads already asking what was wrong and nothing seemed to work until i just moved tgem away from the fan after 4 days of research on what could possibly be wrong until i figured peat moss has to be treated as soiless and wind burn is real

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  10. As far as wind for seedlings like that you just want to gently rustle the leaves slightly with a fan on low. Once they get some size you can give them more direct air. It's up to you to figure out the right time but it's most definitely true that it is easy to windburn seedlings. Many grow rooms have pretty good air circulation and lots of rookies blast those little babies a little too hard.
  11. True i alway grown outdoors so i kinda made the mistake of putting the fan full blast and put the lil ones directly in front of it, never thinking about if it was too strong they didn't seem to ve moving alot but better safe than sorry so i just moved them away from the fan

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  12. Ya this guy left a fan above his plant blowing straight on it [​IMG]and the next day this happened [​IMG]

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  13. When you put a fan directly on a seedling it draws the moisture out of the plant causing it to consume more water which in turn draws more nutrients up the plant causing dif
  14. You said you were using peat moss and perlite? If you are not using any other amendment your pH of your medium is really low. Probably somewhere in the range of 4.4 ish. The pH for proper nutrient uptake in soil is between 6-7. You will have nutrients locked out at a low pH. Chart and example attached. Hope this helps.[​IMG][​IMG]

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  15. Thanks alot !! The only thing is i use jiffy peat pellets and the ph is 5.4 & i ph my water at 6.3

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  16. Yep. I've seen it a couple of times in mine. Both times the fans were blowing straight at a plant and wasn't oscillating. This just strips the moisture right out of the leaves drying them to a crisp. Keep the fan a good distance from the plants and the oscillating will give it a break.

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