Corona virus

Discussion in 'General' started by Ganjafarmer21, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. I ask everyone to go to natural and check out the news about the Corona virus. Mike Adams seems like a good source of information about this..
    And he does not. Come across as a fear mongering type person
  2. Ill check it out later, i gotta go buy a gun.
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  3. We're getting lots of Corona virus threads
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  4. I was thinking this yesterday:laughing:, they should add a section for it:confused_2:
  5. That forun would have to be quarantined.
  6. I Rock.
    They added a shiny red banner to my COVID-19 thread.
    I feel so Special.
    I'll prolly catch the damn crap now. LMAO.
    Coronavirus COVID-19 - Zombie Apocalypse or just COVID-19

    <-- self quarantined. I've got enough Food / Cannabis / Toilet Paper to last as long as needed.
    And enough BBs for my Red Rider Air Rifle to make sure you all can't take it away from me. :)

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  7. I have that BB gun, a lever action.
  8. ralphie at it again

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