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Cooking and Storing

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Breh, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Alright, so spring break is coming up in a month or so, and I'll have the house to myself most of the time. I'm planning on using this time to have my first shrooms, acid, or ecstasy experience, as well as cook up something weed-related.

    So it turns out april 20th is a monday, and since I have school, I'm thinking of taking some firecrackers or something to get high during the day.

    Anyway, putting those two situations together, I thought I might be able to cook something up during spring break, store it for a month, and eat it on 420. Is there some sort of food I can cook weed into that won't go bad during this month? Thanks in advance.
  2. Well you could make cannibutter or oil and you can store that for a month and then cook the butter into a cake, cookies, brownies, or whatever. I dont believe that anything else would stay good for that long...
  3. Stick to the firecrackers man if you cook them on the weekend and let them sit until 4/20 they will still be good, maybe even better than before. The crackers get more potent as more and more THC dissolves into the peanut butter, sort of like how fine wine ferments.
  4. One of my "secrets" to making super dank special goods is storing the cannabutter/oil in the fridge for a couple of days/weeks in an airtight container. I don't know if a month is that great, but if it's airtight I'm sure there shouldn't be a problem. :) I think the butter would just condense and oil doesn't go bad, so hey.
  5. Keep in mind that I'm going to bake whatever I'm going to bake during spring break. That's a month from 4/20.

    Also, don't THC pills stink like hell when you cook the weed? I can deal with a little smell, but not too much.
  6. Just about anything will keep in the freezer for a month. I have brownies in mine that have been in threre for over 90 days now and are just fine. Just wrap them well. Also Eat them quickly once they get out of the freezer. They will go stale quicker once they get out.
  7. 90 days?! I don't think I'd even eat a normal brownie if it were that old. >.>

    Keep in mind I have parents, so I may need some sort of way to disguise the brownies in order to freeze them for a month without them asking questions.

    As of now, it seems like THC pills are going to be my only option. You don't need to freeze pills right? :S
  8. #10 Breh, Feb 24, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 24, 2009

    No, but they also don't leave perishable foods on the shelves for over a month. :)

    But anyway, you're saying it'd be fine if I just store the brownies in my closet or something for a month? I can deal with a little staleness, but if it turned rock hard, I doubt I'd eat it. :<
  9. No i said you can put it in the freezer for a month or longer no issue..
  10. My THC pills smelled less (if at all different) than the canna-butter I've made.

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