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    Hi everybody! Quick introduction, you can call me Conrad. I finally reached the state of perpetual growth ;) so I decided i would start a new journal to share my journey from here on out. Me and a couple close friends built a new room dedicated to growing in my house. Its not 100% completed yet, but its ready to sustain my veg tent for now.

    Ill rundown a list of my equipment and supplies:

    8x4x7 Vivosun tent
    4x4x7 Apollo Horticulture tent
    8x qb96v2 elite engines (plan to get 4 more in the future for the other half of my flower tent)
    2x HLG-320H-54B
    2x QB288v2 (4x4 veg lighting)
    3x 6" inline fans
    Evaporative humidifier
    PH pen
    TDS pen
    Solo cups
    2gal plastic pots
    7gal fabric pots
    Scrog Net (4x4)

    Growing most plants in 60/40 coco/perlite mix. Using distilled water until I can get an RO system.

    As for nutrients I am currently running AN nutrients of the following.(switching to Nectar for the Gods after these run out):
    Sensi Grow A+B
    Sensi Bloom A+B
    Big Bud
    Bud Candy
    Voodoo Juice
    GH pH Up/Down

    **Will be using Mycorryzhae in my new ladies and all grows after.

    Dec 2018-April 2019 grow:
    Blimburn's GDP - Barney's Tangerine Dream - H.S.O.'s Blue Dream
    March 2019- grow:
    Holy Grail Kush -Green Crack - Kosher Kush - Crit. Daddy Purple - Gigabud (in soil, growing for a friend for summer outdoor grow)

    Ill post a couple pics of my tents but my setup is still tentative, lights will be changed between tents. IMG_20190322_153927_369.jpg IMG_20190325_220156_867.jpg 20190325_073905.jpg 20190325_204333.jpg 20190323_205211.jpg 20190322_204324.jpg

    Feel free to comment, ask me any questions and I'll do my best to answer!

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  2. Nice looking. I'll grab a bucket to set on and watch.
    Are you gonna show how your complete setup is?
  3. What kind of yield did you get on the previous grow?.
    Been thinking about grand daddy purp
  4. Thanks for joining in on my journey! Once my grow room is finished, I plan on doing a series of pics to show it all off. I will probably post pics of new additions I add or progress I make. About to add a 55amp break box to the grow room itself tomorrow. If all goes to plan, ill be in full control of my environment.

    As you can see, im still in the construction stage of things. But my 8x4 tent is in there with my qb288s and I have my 5 seedlings growing good in there. I will get OSB up once i finish with the electrical, it all takes time and a ton of money. 20190319_195257.jpg 20190316_174814.jpg 20190318_080337.jpg

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  5. Can you pump in outside air and pump it out as well?
  6. Yeah, i plan on pumping the air out directly from the flower tent. Ill have a exhaust fan on the veg tent that will probably just circulate out into the room and then an intake fan bringing fresh air in from the opposite side of where the exhaust is going out.

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  7. Nice! i like
    How often do you apply big bud? Worth it or havent used ?

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  8. I started using big bud in the 2nd week of bloom, i cant tell you how effective it is cause I have too many variables that are new but you can see how big they are getting at day 36 of flower. I was surprised. I credit the lights, but I dont know. And Ive been feeding my ladies constantly, basically every watering cause when I dont, they show deficiencies. I recently stopped with the big bud and am using overdrive now. They recommend you switch those two at week 5 of bloom.

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  9. Nice setup. What did you think of the green crack? I have one in flower right now. Weak during veg, but took off after the flip.

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  10. Green crack is one of my seedlings right now so I am clueless on how its gonna grow. It is one of my all time fave smokes though so Im hoping for some greatness from it! Holy grail has been the most vigorous so far but they are only on their second nodes, so yeah.

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  11. My green crack got a lil bit bi sexual after a heavy defoliation early in flower. Started getting bananas at the end of flower to.
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  12. Will keep an eye out. I'm in about week 2 of flower and she's looking great.[​IMG]

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  13. Great info Dan, ill make sure not to defoliate her too much, appreciate the heads up.

    Conrad's QB Corner [Perpetual Grow]
  14. New addition to the garden. Barney's Triple Cheese! Havent had cheese in years.... excited to grow it out! Using rockwool for the first time, dunked it in pH 5.8 water for about 2 hrs and then dropped the seed in and poked the hole shut. 20190327_175556.jpg 20190327_175602.jpg 20190327_181145.jpg

    Conrad's QB Corner [Perpetual Grow]
  15. Quick update:
    Day 39F Blimburn's GDP - Barney's Tangerine Dream - H.S.O.'s Blue Dream

    Tangerine dream is a special plant, the GDP is doing great and packing on crystals, sadly the blue dream I made alot of mistakes on, this being my first grow since 2013, I was a little rusty and she needed better attention. Its a shame. 25-35 more days! IMG_20190328_183753_960.jpg IMG_20190328_183753_962.jpg IMG_20190328_183753_963.jpg 20190328_182821.jpg 20190328_185234.jpg

    Conrad's QB Corner [Perpetual Grow]
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  16. Well, the new grow room is 98% completed! Spent a good 4 days putting this all together and its location is beyond stealthy. Im so happy. (There is one board that we were too rushed to finish that is kinda unsightly and just chillin on the ceiling but no worries! When I do the final update it will be in place!) I still need to install the fans to the vents for intake and exhaust, and install the baseboard and we decided to go with conduit from here on out with the dedicated 55amp breaker box that we installed in the room. Then I will switch the 4x qb96s over to the 8x4 and the 2x qb288s over to the 4x4 thats currently inside a different room in the house. Then ill add an AC unit, an evaporative humidifier meant for a way larger space that can be programmed and a small dehumidifier to help as well. Me and a friend invested a fuckload into this and busted our asses and had a few splinters and cuts here and there but FINALLY. A major dream has been realized. Thanks to the GC community for helping me out so much with lighting and just general knowledge while I was getting back into the game. This is gonna be fun as hell!

    (Please dont mind the dirty osb job, we were on about 400g of edibles while hanging that shit! It'll do the job!) 20190330_195426.jpg 20190330_195111.jpg 20190330_192324.jpg 20190330_195235.jpg 20190330_195124.jpg 20190330_195131.jpg 20190330_180807.jpg

    Conrad's QB Corner [Perpetual Grow]
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  17. Hell yeah dude! Looks great. Starting to build a room right now, as well. Ill be following along :smoking:
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  18. the room looks good,,, i'd get rid of the tents, and divide the room up. one side for veg, one side for flower,youd have better ventilation,,,than that tent,

    i redid my growroom. you can see the link in my sig
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  19. I am going to stick with the legal amount of plants in my state, so to outfit the entire room with new lighting to fill in the space would cost crazy money for me. My two tents will be perfect for what im trying to do. I would much rather buy a couple more fans to increase my airflow than buy thousands of dollars of lights right now. Maybe in the future, but if I expand again I will probably move to commercial space and have a commercial license to do this. Im staying up and up with the law here. Thanks though, ill keep an eye on ventilation concerns.

    Conrad's QB Corner [Perpetual Grow]
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