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Common Questions and Answers

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dissec, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Here I will try to compile a list of common questions and answers that a new or less experienced ganja smoker may have, feel free to PM me or post in the thread.

    Legend: Links to threads/material are in blue, links to usernames are in green.

    One rule for the thread: ELE. "Everybody Love Everybody" - Jackie Moon, player, coach, manager, legend

    1) Can you identify the strain of marijuana for me?
    No, we cannot. Not even based on smell, taste, appearance, and type of high. There are simply too many different breeds of cannabis to be definitely sure of a strain.

    2) I'd like to grow marijuana, where should I start?

    3) Is there a way I can smoke in my house, without someone knowing?
    Yes, there are 2 main ways. One is a sploof, essentially grab a tube (paper towel roll) and fill it with dryer sheets. When you exhale through the tube, there will be no smell. This works better with pipes and bongs, because a blunt is always burning, you can just put your thumb on top of a cherried bowl to stop it.

    Or get a $20 (including shipping) Smoke Buddy

    Or - you can buy a vaporizer. Most local headshops have them, or you can get them online. Vaporizers will likely be developing at a rapid rate, so although I can recommend something there will be something better in 3 months. I have the Vapir NO2, among other popular vaporizers there is the Magic Flight Launch Box. These emit no smoke, and very little smell (yet it may be noticeable, depending on model of vaporizer and style of inhalation).

    4) How can I learn about the possible medical benefits of marjuana?
    Storm Crow (Granny) has compiled a ton of information, her list is always being updated! Granny's MMJ List

    5) Can I substitute water for another liquid in my bong?
    Yes. Should you? Rarely in my opinion. It will taste strongly of the substance, but you will get that all down your throat and lungs, Listerine (especially with alcohol in it) for example is an absolutely horrible idea. Propel has worked well for me though, adds a slight taste but doesn't overpower the bud or your lungs.

    6) What is the difference between indica, sativa, and ruderalis?
    Indica is short, bushy, grows quicker, and is usually a high yielder when grown. The high is often called couch-lock, because it can be very sedating, relaxing, or tiring. This is due to a higher amount of non-THC cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabinol (CBN).

    Sativa dominant plants are taller, stretchier plants that tend to yield less and contain higher levels of THC. They tend to produce a happy high, or more psychedelic in some cases. Sativa dominant plants tend to have less cannabinoids.

    Ruderalis is autoflowering (it will flower without a change in light cycle). They are the smallest of the three types. It produces little to no THC alone, but when crossbred with indica and sativa strains it can create a plant that not only grows quickly and has a cannabinoid profile similar to that of the other plant, yet weaker.

    7) I don't have anything to smoke out of, suggestions?
    My favorite is the apple pipe, essentially you take a pen/pencil, and make a V shape hole in the apple, with 2 ends, one to suck from the other to put your weed in (bowl). Light, and smoke. I prefer this over most non-glass pipes.

    You could make a coke can pipe. Lay it on its side, flatten one end out and poke many tiny holes (smaller than the weed, enough for airflow though). Put the weed on top, breathe through the opening for drinking. You can insert a straw for possibly better effects, or cut a rush hole on the side.

    8) How can I tell the quality of marijuana?
    There are many ways, the simplest being, how high does it get you? However, that varies based on people, their tolerance, and their expectations.

    Can you see what look like little crystals? Those are trichomes and where the majority of the psychoactive substances are going to be. More crystals tends to mean better bud.

    Is it dry? Is it wet? Bud should have a nice balance to it, sticky yet the wetness shouldn't effect ability to burn the bud, and it shouldn't evaporate in a day or two.

    Is it leafy? Bud shouldn't be leafy, it should be trimmed well. Bud and leaves look very different.

    Taste and smell? If there is a good taste and smell that usually means the strain being grown had good terpene production. Terpene's produce a smell and taste, and have recently been found to possibly carry medical value. It also was probably cured well if the taste and smell are powerful, although this isn't always the case.

    Skunky Monkey - This Is Dank

    9) I have an upcoming drug test, what should I do?!

    First of all, don't make a thread! Check this thread:
    420Hazo - Answer to Drug Test Questions

    Feel free to add/suggest more.
  2. In number 2, you meant to type "idk how to grow marijuana"
  3. Smokebuddy>sploof
    Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter

    Also I don't think it's fair to say that vapes leave no smell. Although it doesn't leave a smell like if you were to smoke a joint, they do have a very distinct smell. Not very noticeable but my mom has been able to smell it.

  4. Um, no he did not. Anyways, great Q&A. This would have been useful in my beginning days

  5. I'll edit it to reflect, and add the link. Thanks, my vaporizer makes virtually no smell (it is undetectable), but I'll update it to reflect that vaporizers are not absolutely smell-proof.
  6. When my parents busted me over 10 years ago I'm pretty sure what they smelled was the smoke burning off the bowl and not what I was exhaling (since I was exhaling smoke directly at the back of a box fan perched on my bathroom window).

    Vaporizer + smokebuddy would probably eliminate almost all of the smell from smoking.
  7. [quote name='"CrimsonKush"']

    Um, no he did not. Anyways, great Q&A. This would have been useful in my beginning days[/quote]

    Haha my bad I thought it said idk not I'd.
  8. Added a #9 for drug test questions
  9. I didn't use it because I don't need to, but since you took the time to do this +rep man.

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