CO2 from yeast

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by froggy, Sep 8, 2002.

  1. ok this one makes sense also but i wanna hear it from someone that has tried it for a few seasons.

    bread yeast growing with a daily dose of sugar should produce a butt load of CO2. but it seems to me that it can ge a bit smelly and rancid smelling.
    but it sure seems like a cheap way to produce a large amount of CO2. also bread yeast can be propigated forever with a bit of instructions so the only cost is sugar and time. terrestrial situations most of the plants outthere in the real world of outside (weed included) CO2 is the limiting factor so increasing the CO2 can only help. the real question, will global warming and industrial production of co2 give us better crops of weed or not :)
  2. so no one out there has ever tried this?
    i mean it sounds good and should work...just wondering how much of a hassle it is.
  3. works well, i used a big bucket with half in inner diameter tubing running around the roof of my buddies bathroom. you gotta shake it up a bit more often to keep the pressure strong enough to force its way out the tubes.
  4. Go for it man, unless you make the thing too airtight and it explodes you can't go wrong with it and your plants will love you for it, you just need to keep the container above your plants because Co2 is heavier than air
  5. Sounds a good idea in principle. But I doubt you will make enough CO2 to make any difference.

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