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  1. So far, its been 2 days since dispensary run and getting plants, they've been through one night cycle so far and look healthy.

    But the platnum OG is experiencing some shit

    Platnium OG is obviously the yellow leafing one, the other one Skunk1 is doing very well though as you can see.

    I was told nutrient possible deficiency, and or lighting possibly?

    But the skunk1 is doing fine, thats what I have a hard time believing wouldn't BOTH be affected equally ? I'm running a aerogarden7pod system, dont give me shit it works.

    Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. whats the ph and all plant are affected different so that maybe why 1 looks good
    and the other looks to me like light bleaching
    did they go though any shock from the shop to your house
  3. ......I'm going to hardware store to get a water PH meter today, but I flushed it yesterday because I was running normal socal tap water from the shower, and I used purified glacier water.

    I heard purified just takes out some of the acidity and some people recommend it some don't, I gave it a very very small amount of nutrients but a good solid 2 second pour.

    I have a feeling that the Skunk is taking the nutrients in very well and the DIamond might not need as many nuts as seeing as its sativa?

    I'll have new pics on this, in a second....
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  5. PH still at 6.5 after purified
  6. my roadrunner is actually doing the same thing. although its not a clone.

    what are the temps in your grow area? the reason i ask is i had my Aerogarden in my closet along with my t5 and it really did get to hot in there. i had to move my aerogarden back out into my room.i dont really know if it could actually have anything to do with temps but ill let you know


    my PH read about a 6.5 while i started noticing the discoloration and spotting. so i bought distilled water and added ONE drop of PH Down and it read at about 5.8-6.0 my plants are actually looking a tiny bit better (only been a day) so maybe you could try that

    hope i helped a little
  7. Hydro or soil? hydro 5.8 is optimum. Soil and you are pretty low on the PH side.
  8. thats the problem ph is way to high drop it to 5.6-5.8
  9. This helped a lot, it's on the second click from lowest setting for the lamp hood. It's 83degrees, but I can manage it lower with a fan I have inside the system, did you try that?

    It's a small fan but it gets the job done, it's never above 90 EVER. I'll try the PH down and have some pics up of the plants in a couple days.

    By the way, my diamond OG randomly started to give off some small white hairs? I haven't induced flowering or anything, been on 18/6 for a while now.....Skunk1 looks flawless as usual...

  10. hydro of course:D

  11. i have mine still on the lowest setting.

    My plants are doing 100% better!!!

    ive narrowed it down to 2 things. temp and ph. im leaning towards the ph though because it was in fact to high. i was just putting straight distilled for a while thinking that "oh its distilled it has a neutral ph" boy was i wrong. it has a ph of 7 which of course we both know is to high.

    it was my mistake.:p

    also i did use a small fan in my closet.but it didnt do much good of anything because i had to close the door.

    sounds like your OG is showing sex. thats awesome dude.nothing to worry about.

    im anxious to see updated pics of yours. i will be updating my journal today to with pics. ill include a link just in case you want to check it out

    glad i helped a little:wave:
  12. I don't want to spam this thread with more and more pictures, so is there a journal place I can post this too?

    But here are the new-est pictures just taken 10minutes ago.

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