clawing leaves with yellow specs

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  1. what is this and how do I get rid of it I started so hum and og mix I recently flushed and am kind of new to all this so any advice is much appreciated I've been feeding happy frog fruit and flower and just started kool bloom it's the beginning of week 5 of.flowering and was over watering slightly towards the beginning of flower and corrected that mistake

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  2. also due to over watering is why I decided to feed the plants i.know.sohum is supposed to last the whole grow just add water but since I added og to.the mix and i.know it stutters out in a month also using distilled water cause my tap Is shit
  3. A little tough to read that.
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  4. like need more pictures or just in general to hard to read?
  5. the leaves are clawing and tips burnt curled down and started yellowing spots in the inner leaf to the outside of leaf but the leafs arnt shiney like they would be if it was toxicity but I'm no expert that's why I came here
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  6. As said in the above posts, we need more information on your feeding, ppm & PH.

    Also pictures in regular light of the whole plant, no more blurple pls:)
  7. ok so I'm growing in sohum supersoil with og fox farm mix and I'm top dressing every month happy frog fruit and flower. I also just started using kool bloom in every feeding. I dont know my ppm or ph i mean i ph my water that i give the plants and its 6.5
  8. Did the problem start when you used kool bloom? Looks like to much nutrients or additives.
  9. no I thought maybe it was a deficiency so I gave it kool bloom and looked like it only got worse so I flushed it
  10. Possibly a deficiency. Only had one grow
  11. thanks that's exactly what I did
  12. Honestly it looks like it just needs to do it's own thing. Water when the pot feels light. Even if it's literally 10 days before you get to that point. The overwatering shows and overwatering causes issues with roots. Can't have healthy fruit without healthy roots. I'm by no means an expert but I experienced overwatering issues not long ago. It shouldn't feel like a gallon of rocks in your pot before you water. Deficiency like symptoms can appear with overwatering. The damaged leaves may likely NEVER recover so the only way you will know is by watching new growth. Best of wishes.

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