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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Reelconnoisseur, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Very nice harvest. Hopefully someday cheese will find it's way to me so I can try it
  2. ^^ i second that
  3. i got some cheese growing, cant wait for it to be ready!
  4. I've only had cheese once, it is one of the best strains I've had so far (lol) but did you do a write up of your growing process for that plant?

  5. No write up, i just don't have the time to keep up on a journal unfortunately, i have other obligations that take the time. I just post up some of my finishes when i finish new strains...

    I use the SOG method, 800w HPS. Clones get 1-2 weeks of rooting, then straight into flower. Keeps them short and fat like you see. If you have a specific question, fire away, i'll try my best to answer.
  6. How much would you say you spend on materials needed?
    How long does it take to setup?
    How much room do you recommend I should need
  7. To put the whole room together, including the pots, a/c, RO, drain tray, PH tester, etc. prolly spent $2000. To just buy water/electric/chemicals, prolly $150/month.

    The whole room took about 2wks to build. It is 8'x8'x8', my tray is about 4'x3'. It drains to waste.

    The space you need will depend greatly on the size pots you are using, the amount of light you have, and how much you want to harvest. Light is what will determine weight/size. A 1000w light can supply a room up to say 7'x7' or so...
  8. looks like blue cheese
  9. looks damn nice

  10. Someone else said that to me. Even has a slightly blueberry taste. Made me look up the lineage for Greenhouse Cheese to see if it had blueberry in it. Kush and skunk though which both of those are evident. This is my first time growing this strain but have grown Dutch Passion blueberry in the past. Get my seeds from Attitude and always in breeders packaging, what do ya think? Guessing its just the sweet skunk that is similar to blueberry.
  11. Lovely looking bud, going to get a cheese grow on myself soon, cheese is the most comon strain in the uk at the moment, at one point the country was full of blue cheese, harder to get around now tho :(


  12. I think I'll just find somebody who grows and support them with seeds
  13. Damn man goodjob looks like some fire

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