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Charged with Possession for Paraphernalia

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Markymark2010, May 21, 2010.

  1. So last night I was at a party that got busted for underage drinking and when the cops came the place smelled so strongly of bud they searched and found my Helix pipe with the attachments. I got written up for the possession of that, but I was out of bud, so I didn't get in any trouble for that. I am just wondering what sort of trouble I can get in over something like this. I have a citation and I have to take myself in to be booked into the system (get photographed and fingerprinted) at the jail and then I get my sentence from a judge that day.

    I live in TN if the state makes any difference.
  2. Anything like NC, it's nothing more than a seat belt ticket. Pay your fine, sign some papers, and out you go.
  3. in NJ, you would go on probation for like 6 mo maybe, after 6 months its wiped clean of your record completley. its called conditional discharge.
  4. wow US is strict, i was at a party like a year ago and i had a pipe, long story short cops barged in and searched my bag, found the pipe (weed was in my pocket)
    the cop turned to me asking me if it was mine, i said yes, he gave it to me and especially said that HE COULD NOT DO ANYTHING for possession of a pipe, he didn't even search me.

  5. Are you sure you need to show up at the Jail?:( It should have been a misdemeanor and only require an appearance for your court date.
    You may want to talk to a lawyer, Tn can be harsh. Paraphernalia possession misdemeanor1 year$2,500
    Here are a few links;

    Lawyer site, but lots of good info on Tn Law.

    Tennessee Drug Paraphernalia Lawyers


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