Changing grow lights - Week 4 of flower

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  1. I'm on day 22 of flower and I'm using 4x Viparspectra LEDs (670w) in my 4x4 tent. I plan on upgrading to 2x Platinum P300 LED lights. Will this hurt the plants or hurt my yields in any way? It will also take a week for the lights to arrive, so keep that in mind.

    Please advise
  2. I’d personally finish the run with the lights that are already in there and use the new ones next run. With the 4 leds you should have enough coverage for your tent to finish this one off.

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  3. I have plenty of coverage, but if it will increase my yields by giving me fatter and denser buds, I would like to make the change
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    Well it could but it could also reduce the yields if you’re not able to dial in the right distance to the plants in time. Cobs are different than blurple and need more space. I used a 300w viparspectra for flowering on my first run and yielded 4oz off one plant, so your yield should be pretty good considering you have the equivalent to 5 of them in there.

    Edit: just noticed the lights aren’t cobs at all, lol don’t mind me I’m probably too high already.

    I would still ride out this grow with the lights in there though. But you could obviously change em if you want. Curiously those p300’s only use 3w chips so you will have to adjust the height and see what works well.

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  5. I did notice though that you seem to have all the lights positioned right next to each other. If you space them out more you’ll have far better coverage.

    Edit: also keep those vipars fairly close to the canopy to maximize your lighting. They can easily be 12” from the tops safely, depending on the strain.

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  6. Yeah I will go ahead and finish the grow with my current lights. I spread them out a bit as well. My wallet isn't ready to drop $800 on those LEDs quite yet anyway
  7. I wouldn’t consider those platinum LEDs an upgrade either. That’s only 360 watts between the two, and the leds are just 3w diodes. I think the new Mars pro II lights are better. Quantum board LEDs are the best option going. Most efficient and highest ppf diodes available and their full spectrum white light

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