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  1. IMO I would avoid Nvision (Home Depot's primary brand) all together. IMO the GE bulbs you find at Walmart among many other places last longer. I was burning out bulbs of the Nvision more times than I will admit. IMO the bulbs were not meant for growers, weather it be hanging them upside or the 24/0 cycles I pushed them they just died to often. I went with the GE and NEVER had a single bulb go out.

    I know it was not a bad batch because I was getting them from 3 different Home Depots. These are just opinions ... :cool:
  2. thanks bubbles i guess ill be getting the ones from walmart lol.....but i was wonder if these can support my plants its whole lifetime since they will be auto flower and if so how much should i get?
  3. How many plants ? Figure 100 watts per plant is what they preach around here. Remember that is 100 real watts, not 100 equivalent. If you have to go all the way with CFL I would suggest a decent fixture up top and some additional hanging side lighting...
  4. i will just be growing 1 plant at a time so if i use 30w cfl how much will i need? 4=120 is that actual or equ.?
  5. yes 30 watts x 4 ='s 120 watts..if your gonan spend 32$ on 4 lights why not get the contractor pack of CFL's for 30$ there only 27 watts each but you get 10 so all together thats 270watts for the same price..

    and save ur recipts for ur lights.. incase you drop one or they stop working. or if you decide you dont like ur set up return them bitches... i once dropped 2 brand new lights the floor and i return'd them:hello: told em they blew up when i turn'd the lights on..
  6. Lol yea good idea but im wonding how im going to get 4 or 4+ lights in one area in my closet i will be growing from my home made hydroponic bucket....? any 1 got info on building a rig for that lol?
  7. It's as easy as grabbing whatever table lamp you have and sticking a cfl in it for when you first start growing. Then as the plant gets bigger you can get everything you may need at any hardware store (some sockets, wiring) and just ghetto rig a few boards together or something. Some people have pretty nice home made housings, with reflectors and all. I don't have a link but you can find the threads, or maybe someone will be nice enough to link it :)
  8. Thanks lol.....funy u said that i just found a perfect rig some 1 build ill be building one of those it holds 16 CFLs lol that should be good for a autoflowering lowryder right
  9. 16 Sounds good, I have a cheap solution in my SIG I ran for a bit ...
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  11. One lowryder should be more than happy with 100 or less watts, no need to go over the top and use 16x 13 watters (200+ watts). You could grow 3 or 4 lowryders with that, which can probably fit in your closet.. how big is your space?
  12. wow really 3 :) my space is big enough for 3 lowryders but i was always concern about the lighting not being enough
  13. buy a 125watt MH/HPS conversion bulb. u can find one cheap online for like 125$. your yield and plants will be so much better. u can even have 3 if u want
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    You should be fine.. how big is your space? 200W should be plenty.. Check out this book - [ame=""]Marijuana Buds for Less[/ame]. The author grew 3 full size plants (think all 3 were indicas) with 8x 42W cfls (336 watts total) and yielded 8 ounces of dank! :smoking::smoking:

    Edit: I don't know what's wrong but the post looks fucked up for me... oh well still readable
  15. hey i have that book but thever read the whole thing lol i have the pdf.file
  16. Stoner! It's all pictures.. there's barely any reading ;)
  17. and i dnt know the book said less then 1oo$ lol because 8 42w bulbs alone can cost close to 100
  18. idk if anyone has mentioned this but if your working with CFL's be careful of what Kelvin rating your using. For vegetation you want to use bulbs that are labeled as "daylight" and have a kelvin rating of 6500K. Dont use those cool white bulbs (4100K). The plants can barely absorb that light spectrum and those cool white bulbs run REALLY hot. When you want to flower use 2700K bulbs. There are some websites you can order 200 watts (real watts) veg bulbs at 6400K for 30$ bucks each. Im using them in my grow and they are amazing. I got the bulbs from sun light sheds website. Great place for veg bulbs

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