Can I keep these?

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    Ok, here's the deal. I started these three as a test for my new rig and I had every entention of trashing them before an upcoming 10 day vacation.

    But they look so damn happy! I am thinking of trying to keep them through the trip. If I lose them, no harm done but if I can keep them...

    I have tried a wicking system in these pics but they suck most of it up within 36 hours. In this pic they are on day 12 since germinating and will be on day 20 when I leave and day 30 when I return. I plan on LST on all of those that I choose to keep.


    Any advice on keeping them alive from day 20-30? Should I go ahead and move them to their permanent 3 gallon pots or try to nurse them along in their temporary 12oz homes?

    Any advice appreciated!

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  2. if they are auto water i think you can.
    but not idk if they would like the short drought.
    they would survive tho
  3. Even if you dont water at all they will survive. I was away for 10 or 11 days. My plants got pretty dried up but after I removed all the dead leaves and gave them a feeding/heavy watering they bounced right back up vigorously--I cant say it was beneficial for them but there is some truth in the adage "what does not kill you will only make you stronger".
  4. Any advice on whether I would be better off in 3 gallon pots or staying with the 12oz cups?
  5. if you have extra soil and pots here is what i would do, make a wick system, when i first started growing i did this because i used to travel alot with my job. get a pot and run 4 cotton ropes from the top of the pot run it through some drain holes in the bottom or cut some and run the ropes 6" or so out the bottom. fill the pot with soil making sure to keep the ropes in side the pot standing up as you fill with dirt. laeve room for your plants you are transplanting and kinda wrap the ropes somewhat around your root ball. now you have a potted plant with ropes hanging out the bottom. now find a bucket that your new pot will fit snugly into. in the bucket put your water and nutrient solution. be sure the your potted plant does not sit in the water but is a few inches away from the bottom of the pot. the cotton ropes will wick up the water as needed..... 10 days is along time so soon as you get home change the water if its not already dry or cut the ropes and go about your business as usual. id be afraid to let any of my plants go 10+ days without water but i guess closet grower has done it so..... idk....... my best idea tho they might only starve for a couple days vs 10 :smoking:
  6. now that i re-read i see you have done wick before,,,,, sorry bout the little class and not reading but yeah...... id do that man
  7. Yes, you can keep them going, but for this advice, I require 1/2 of your total harvest!!! (Price not negotiable).

    Ok, I'm kidding.

    Big Hig

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