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Can I decarb with a toaster oven?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Mookie0608, Jul 17, 2018.

  1. I’m looking to decarb some of my weed so I can make some things with my new magical butter machine. I can’t use my oven it will smell to bad and even if I could the ovens probably 31-33 years old and does not cook even. I heard some people talk about some kind of machine that does it but I read reviews that it’s a scam and the customer service is impossible to get ahold of. I believe it was called ardent decarboxilator.

    I have some avb but was also looking to decarb fresh weed as well for a different batch.

    I keep trying to search how to decarb weed and I can’t seem to find exactly what you can use outside of an oven as long as it’s accurate or that ardent machine. Can’t find much about toaster ovens some people say no because it will start a fire because of the heating elliments being to close to weed, and I even read some how you can bake it in the sun using solar power if u make an oven I couldn’t understand what they were trying to say.

    I’m just trying to keep it simple and simple in my books would be a new magical butter machine that can decarb.

    I’m new to this but it seems like u gotta go through so many hurtles and basically inconvienence your self just to decarb weed. I’m trying to save some money and decarbing weed seems like a huge money saving more effiecent way to medicate with tinctures edibles etc and effects lasting longer. I heard that avb weed can be a lot less potent so I was going to make 2 separate batches to compare the 2.
  2. I was thinking of buying a toaster oven just for this purpose. Long as you get it to temp, I'm sure you'd be fine.
  3. Those reviews slamming Ardent Lift/Nova are much too harsh.
    True, their customer service is poor, but the effectiveness of the machine more than makes up for that.
    I own 2 Magical Butter Machines, an Extractcraft Source, a Green Oil Machine clone, and 2 Ardent Lifts.
    Ardent Lift is by far the best MJ appliance I own.
    Decarb changed from being a dreaded, error prone, stinky procedure to a nearly smell-free, no-brainer procedure.

    In general, toaster ovens are better for decarbing than regular ovens, especially if you can trust temp settings. Regular ovens often have unstable/wrong temp settings.
    A toaster oven might have its temperature stabilize if left on for a half hour or so before starting decarb.
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    Just to let you know I decarb herb in a mason jar in my toaster oven with the rack removed all the time and it works fine as long as its temperature control is accurate.
    See chart for options on time/temp.
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  5. All good man. No problems here. I’m trying to find new ways of medicating as well that may last longer but not be as intense as an edible can be. I’m still nervous about making them. I seen what they can do to people, and I’m not good at measuring doses. A dose to much in smoking or vaping will at least go away in 30 minutes and easy to over come.
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  6. Failure to dry can cause unpredictable decarb. Failure to cure is fine for edibles. I sometimes use a food dehydrator, 105 F for 8-10 hours, to make edibles on harvest day, and they are good.
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  7. I don’t know shit about dehydrators but I was thinking of getting one. It just drys it and that’s it? Doesn’t lose THC? Can I use a dry ice method to extract the kief afterwards?

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  8. Most food dehydrators are several plastic mesh trays stacked onto a fan/heater.
    If the temp is kept below 110 F, there won't be significant decarb in less than a dozen hours.
    Some dehydrators don't have temp control and are to be avoided.
    Little/no THC is lost during the drying process.
    The edibles I make this way are just as good as the others I make.
    It's debatable whether food dehydrators lose more terpenes than traditional drying, which also loses terpenes at a slower rate for a longer time.
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  9. I usually have time to do a standard dry and cure before smashing with dry ice to kief but I have done almost dry but not cured. Worked ok but I felt the high wasn't as strong and long lasting as it usually is.
    Could be just my perception of things too.
  10. Just go the oven route, I do it all the time, smells less than a bowl pack smoked in the same room. , it only smells like vaped weed anyway not even fresh herb when it’s decarbing
  11. I use a small toaster oven to decarb, it's not a pop up toaster for bread, it's a small oven for baking small desserts and stuff, 240 foot 40 mins been using it for years, fine crumbles in an aluminum foil style envelope leave it loose and lightly fold corners to allow water to evaporate and protect the buds from the elements which are inches away....

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  12. AND you can take this small oven outside and plug it in... or in a shed, I keep mine in the garage ;)

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