California Winemakers infuse wine with weed

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  1. I love wine. I love to go to tastings...i wonder what it would taste like though...would be nice to try.
  2. The taste would depend on the strain you use. I juice cannabis and sometimes its sooo freaking delicious its insanity.

    I assume it would give a similar taste to the wine. depends how they add the cannabis most likely as well. And if they do the steeping method then it would definitely taste better if they used fresh bud rather than dried.
  3. It's VERY easy, rewarding and fun! Unfortunately though, we're not allowed to discuss brewing on GC.

    I shared these teasers a few months earlier, but did not follow through with sharing the full recipe
    where it involves fermentation.. it's legal in most locations when making small batches
    of wine and beer, but it is not legal to distill hard liquor, and many people do not understand
    the differences, the requirements, or the potential dangers, so it's a bit of a 'gray area' here.

    But there are loads of websites and online communities filled with great brewing knowledge. [​IMG]

    I have a few 5 and 10 gallon jugs going (almost) at all times.. it's a lovely way to add CO2 to
    the grow space

    I will say that, if you do choose to pursue brewing cannabis mead, beer or wine, that it's important
    that you begin with already activated, and broken down, bioavailable glandular material,
    because those cannabinoids willnot become active and bioavailable on their own, during

    The alcohol content is not high enough, even by the time it's 'created'. Adding simple,
    inactive or non-decarbed flowers and hash prior to the process, only serves as a
    flavoring or 'bittering agent' due to the addition of all that (to many patients)
    icky-tasting, inert plant material, while the potency achieved is only very, very minimal. This is why
    a carefully processed extract is important, to reduce any potentially foul flavor, and to increase
    the bioavailability of the cannabinoids used [​IMG]

    Don't forget, hops contains high levels of the terpene myrcene, in higher concentrations than
    mangoes... this is why we include hops in recipes where, traditionally, it would not normally be used [​IMG]
    (Myrcene is a naturally occuring terpene in cannabis, that enhances cellular permeability, it is an
    analgesic, and has anti-mutagenic properties.)

    Triple Berry Hash Wine



    (Weeks later, after fermentation and before bottling)


    Video/s of the fermentation... at the time, this was a small-scale project intended for a starter
    tutorial, for those folks who weren't sure whether or not they wanted to pursue the hobby or invest
    more than a few dollars in something they may not enjoy, or get the hang of. We also brew mead,
    miodomel, mora, ales, beer, wine (sparkling and otherwise)... it's a great hobby. [​IMG]

    Wine3 - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery

    Wine4 - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery
  4. God damn you're too bad ass Kitty.

    Seriously, do you run an edible company in a mmj
    state, or are you just an avid lover of cooking!?

    If not...please consider it! Hahah! Make money,
    and make me full of yummy high goodness!!
    I'll buy it all!!!

  5. damn, they stole my idea.

    BTW, why wouldn't we be able to discuss brewing on GC, its perfectly legal. I think I even have seen a thread dedicated to home micro brews on this site before.

    I also thought of making a beer with buds instead of hops. Hops are marijuana are literally (scientifically) from the same family

  6. Raw, and even activated cannabis will work like hops, as a flavoring and mild bittering agent. But this is all it will accomplish in that form.

    If you want potency, you will need to use an extract that has been both activated and made bioavailable, as described above. We've been brewing various canna-infused beverages for many years... sake, miodomel, mead, wine, belgian style wheat ales, more. :)

    But the discussion of the actual brewing process is not allowed, for the same reason the discussion of manufacturing other substances is also not allowed, even those substances you don't even need to make yourself, and are sold in the GC shop can't be discussed... for starters, this is *Grass*City. :D

    Mostly though, people couldn't handle the rules back when discussion of other substances was allowed; folks kept giving out incorrect, dangerous and potentially life-threatening advice. People were getting 'creative' in dangerous ways. Brewing is legal in -most- regions, not all, while distillation is illegal in most regions.

    Think about it this way... we have a hard enough time getting kids to make simple edibles right, without cutting corners. :p And edible cannabis is generally very safe, and only disappointing, when you it screw up.

    Many seasoned adults, in the actual brewing community on their own forums, don't even realize that when you brew especially high-content wine and beer you still need to pour or boil off a small amount of methanol, but distillation of hard liquor is a whole other matter, and kids get confused, they don't realize there's a difference between making wine and hard liquor, then they try to combine the two processes... this equals trouble. :)

    After a while, the mods and admins were up to their necks in the extra work the discussion of other substances gave them, and they (understandably) said enough is enough.

    We should be grateful that we're allowed to discuss our favorite beers, and how to make Iso hash for that matter... if people abuse the rules further, we risk losing those discussion abilities too. :p
    As a matter of fact, just the other day, I needed to talk a kid out of drinking the tincture he made with rubbing alcohol... :eek: That's the sort of confusion they're trying to avoid, or at least limit somewhat, by reducing other topics of discussion that can be potentially hazardous, and really have very little or nothing to do with cannabis.

    And if you're interested in brewing, there are dozens of websites and forums to pick from. The most important factor when canna is involved, is in how you add your potency to the process, and that you (now) already know. :)
  7. very nice kitty.

  8. Well, first of all, I don't think the legality has anything to do with it. After all.....weed is illegal. As far as safety is concerned, yeah there is a big difference between brewing and distilling. If you make a mistake distilling you could blow your self up. Also, making many other substances could be really dangerous. However brewing is not dangerous at all. At least not anymore than cooking dinner.

    Are you serious? that kid must've been dumb. That sort of confusion has nothing to do with weed and/or making any substances what so ever, If you don't have enough common sense to not drink rubbing alcohol in the first place then you have problems. And who cares how much it has to do with cannabis.....there are several forums on this website having nothing to do with cannabis.

    JUST SAYING :D:smoke: BTW.. have you ever made a THC laced sparkling wine?

  9. I totally understand where you're coming from :) But unfortunately it doesn't change that the fact remains, that actual brewing-discussion is not allowed due to the reasons I mentioned earlier.

    We're probably already verging on having this thread closed, between the discussion itself and what may be taken as questioning the admin's rules :p

    As I mentioned, even many people who consider themselves 'experts' do not understand the consequences of even simple, failed brewing, let alone distillation... too much methanol in your finished brew is the culprit behind the intense hangovers people get from high proof beer, and many cheap, dark red wines, for instance.
    With that in mind, if you happen to have access a big vat, and make a ton of high content red wine, all at once, then drink enough 'off the top' without separating it first, you can have permanent health, and quality-of-life-damaging (and rarely, even deadly) consequences. :eek:
    Even many people who consider themselves skilled at home brewing don't realize this, and mistakenly believe methanol "can only be produced in dangerous concentrations" when distilling hard liquor. That isn't the case at all. Then there are improper seals/valves, bacterial infections, and least of all, people wasting their hard-grown herb on what eventually amounts to vinegar...

    Plus, at least on the canna related forums I've moderated for in the past, we were generally trying to maintain the vision than cannabis is NOT like other drugs, and that it is not like alcohol, at all, in that it's incredibly tame as far as the actual/desirable effects go, and even more tame when you take into consideration the lack of injuries, side effects, and the potential for abuse and over-dose etc.

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again.... we're working with kids, some of whom log on under-aged, who can't manage to put together a simple firecracker using directions and photo tutorials in the edible section, without deviating from the correct recipe. [​IMG] It's literally 'put PB on two crackers, sprinkle weed, close crackers, heat in oven, profit', and somehow they miss a step.
    Not to mention the kids who don't understand that rubbing alcohol is for making hash/concentrate, not for drinking.

    And besides, rather than adding potentially dangerous hobbies to the already-over-burdened GC mod's list of responsibilities, there are plenty of forums and websites to go to for brewing information. :)

    All (in my opinion) very good reasons why Grass City, allows the discussion of cannabis, and not brewing or distilling alcohol. :D
  10. Mary Jane Mead Recipe here on Hopville. Not sure of it's efficacy, but the brewing steps are sound.
    Hopville . "Mary Mead"

    if you search for "marijuana" in hopville's search engine you will come up with a handful of beer/mead recipes that have it as an ingredient.
  11. dirty sassy liqour
  12. BadKitty, I totally see what you are saying and I believe that this is the right policy. Why?

    I have read many of your threads and I believe you to be, hands down, the MJ edible expert on this forum, perhaps on the entire net. I follow your advice religiously and so I have huge respect for you.

    However, I am a long time homebrewer and help a good friend in his commercial and quite successful brewpub. I know quite a bit about brewing, and I find myself in disagreement with some of the things you said about brewing beer. You gave great advice, however, in suggesting that one should visit a brew forum.

    I just wanted to say this because, as I am sure you would agree, I don't want anyone to be discouraged about trying to home brew or produce wine. It is really fun and easy, and IMHO safe.

    I really appreciate your focus on safety in your advice and obviously this is the reason for the policy. Thank you so much for the amount of time you put into this. I made my first edible because of your advice (used coconut oil!) and it turned out wonderful! I am now using your advice to make some e-cig juice! Thanks!

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