Breeding,What should I expect?

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  1. Im about to start my first breeding grow and I would like to know what are somethings that I should watch for?
    How should I approach this experiment in crossing genetics?
    What problems might I run into?
    Strains are sourD, og18 and Cinderella99. I will also be using random clones from unknown strains.
    The above strains mentioned are being grown from seed. The sourD is a female seed .the others are reg seeds. I will also be using a sourD clone to compare against the the sourD seed to see if there will be any difference.
  2. Im very much interested in this too. I have a load of seeds iv got from jamacia and europe. Most wanted / jamaican bush / lambs brea and some afghani and black widow. Iv been reading bits here and there but im waiting for the book iv ordered to arrive. But as with anything any pointers from people in the know would be good. Have you read tbe post by dj short in the breeding forum ?
  3. Breeding

    Tbone gave me some good links when i asked the same question.

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