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Breaking up weed with hands?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Worgen, May 20, 2010.

  1. I've heard it's bad from a lot of people, but vice versa. Kiefs the debate, so would getting a good grinder be a well investment? Also, first post. :smoke:

    Opinions? :confused:

  2. Yes!
    Especialy for joints, just when you pack a bowl dont grind it too fine.
  3. All the grinders I've ever used grind my weed too fine. Then it takes way too much weed to pack a bowl or fill a blunt. I'll admit it burns slower, but I'd rather use less since I don't need more. For this reason I just use my fingers, but it's all preference.
  4. Of course it's a good'll be thanking yourself when you're dry and you open the last chamber of the grinder and reveal the pile of kief. Also, the herb burns perfectly when ground up.
  5. There are some cheap grinders out there that don't grind the weed too thin. I got one for free with a purchase of a bong. Shit does work! Gives me them nice little nuggos for a fat blunt roll.

    The sharpstone grinder (more expensive) grinds that shit to dust.
  6. I just bought a Sharpstone grinder a few days ago. I was wondering the same thing and decided to grab one and see for myself. I think it's a good thing to have, but NOT a necessity. It does break up the buds nicely and the bowls burn easier and evenly. I also ground up a bunch for my dugout, which saved a lot of time and should work a lot better. I'm using it on some dank mango buds I have and it doesn't grind it too fine, but I would assume if it were used for dry brick weed, it would only be useful for joints because it could grind it up too much. If you're going to get one, I would get a decent 4 piece one (Space Case, Sharpstone, Chromium Crusher all seem to be good brands). You can get a nice one for under 30 bucks on ebay. I spent a lot more buying it from a local shop, but it was convenient and I didn't have to wait to get it. I got a Sharpstone with the clear top on it. It's nice having the window at the top so you can see if you need to keep grinding or if you're done. I think using the grinder vs. breaking it up with your hands isn't really a big deal. Bud is a fragile and should be handled as delicately as possible. If you break it up with your hands, I've heard the oils from your hands can affect the resin and you'll lose some trichomes/keif because they will stick on your fingers. The grinder still does this, but instead of losing them on your fingers, they get collected for later use. For me, I'm glad I got one and will use it a lot, but it's not a must have. Hope this helps...
  7. why have sticky fingers?

    i have the 3" sharpstone 5pc. works great.
  8. I use a grinder. Ground-up weed burns perfectly and makes rolling anything a lot smoother.

    I have also heard that the natural grease on your skin takes some of the THC off of the bud but I could be wrong. :confused:
  9. To be totally honest, I only use my grinder if Im lazy LOL
  10. I use my fingers...everyone says you know it's worth it to get the Kief but too me I'd rather just smoke whatever Kief may fall off into the grinder while it's still on the bud. I've read your finger absorb some THC while breaking it up but I can't imagine it's much at all...all about Preference ! :p
  11. I always use my fingers but I feel like I need to get a grinder now

    ^^ i ddnt kno thc got stuck on your fingers but yeah I dnt think itsthat much
  12. Breaking up weed with your hands is bad.. Thc is obsorved by bodyheat so you lose alot of thc, also grinders will grind your weed up very fine, so it will roast and burn longer

  13. What are you supposed to do then? Just smoke a big nug haha
  14. i always use my hands or some really sharp metal scissors. i find the weed i get varies in texture even though its all cured nicely. sometimes the grinder just doesnt break that dank

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