Bought a metal cab for 10 bucks....I need your help.

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  1. Hey all. Its been a while since I have been on here. Life got busy all of a sudden, it was weird. Anyway, the woman and I went to a bunch of garage sales and I got this metal cab for 10 dollars. What a deal I said to my self.

    Can I use this? I would like to think I can modify the hell out of it. I thought I heard the metal was better for cooling. I would love all the help I can get. Some pics attached.

    The dimensions are 3 feet wide x 3 feet tall from inside bottom to top x 2 feet deep.

    The woman has said I have to use a 150 HPS. So, I guess thats what I am gonna use. Id like to use a 250, but the 150 will have to do. Tell her to change her mind guys!!

    Id like a max of 4-5 plants. Give me some ideas please.

    Think I got a project to toy with? Lets make this thread interesting.

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  2. The space is pretty wide and deep for its height. I would do a single plant SCROG in that space most likely.
  3. Great find! I would think it's too short for any kind of HID light. But if you do LST and keep tying down the plants to keep them low, use an air-cooled light with wicked-good ventilation, it might work. And use wide but short containers. I would try doing 3 in there, because your plants will have to be wide. I have 1 plant in a 14.5 x 14.5 space and didn't LST, and still she's outgrown the space, widthwise. So for my particular strain of bagseed, 1.5 sq. ft is the minimum.
  4. Thank you for your input.

    I was reading that you can use darkroom louvers for the bottom intake. Do you think I would be able to find something that will let me cut that metal? Should I have the carbon filter inside, or put it on top of the cab with a box over it? Id like to have it on top. I just want to find the most effecient way to run a 150 watter in there with the best method for yeilds.

  5. I would have the fan and filter on top outside if stealth isn't that big of an issue. It will allow you a lot more vertical space.
  6. Everything looks like a winner... I would LST and Scrog that setup with 3 plants max. 2 probably will give you enough. Also i would invest in an inline fan being that your planning on using an HID. The computer fans just dont exhaust well. hence the reason why they are not exhaust Anyways my plan would be.... Grow Box + Inline Exhaust + 2 CPU Intake Fans 80cfm + 150hps + hydro/soil + good nutes + LST + Scrog will more than = Dank in a Box.

    Good Luck!!! :smoking:
  7. Hey thanks. I think I got this figured out.

    4" S and P fan. As I have read good things about those.

    I guess its gonna be filter and fan on top. Or if I can put the fan on the carpet, that would be nice.

    I want to buy a pro carbon filter. How can I find out what size carbon filter I need for the space mention all the way up top. "4 inch fan, 3x3x2, and a what filter".

    I all I got to do I think is seal it up really good. Maybe some silicone. Buy a new lock for it. Someone told me intake fans are not needed though.

  8. Intake fans are not needed that is correct. Only use them if you need to direct airflow (which i don't think you will need). You are better off using the same PC fans for internal circulation, (Think Cross breeze). You could put the S&P on the carpet but seems a little less than pro don't you think? I would sooner mount to back or sides. You could always hang it off back or place a few feet away and just duct to it.
  9. 4" fan is good and S&P is fine. I just bought a "Presh Filter" 8" x 12" and its great. Really good air flow.

    Intake fans i would use at the bottom so you can bring in a good amount of fresh air which is where Co2 sits in a room. (heavier than air so it sinks). You dont have to have intake if you have a good exhaust pulling air out but you will still need holes at the bottom to creat a "negative air pressure in your cab". Silicone is fine but i woud use one that dries white and not clear. Had a buddy/idiot that used clear and wondered why his box wasnt light proof... lol. Other than than you should be fine. maybe a small 24" Tower Osciliating fan inside the cab for circulation and for strengthening your plant.
  10. Greencamoflaugh, I think you have the best cab set-up. With a movable ceiling and fans right next to the bulbs, you're essentially air-cooling your bulbs. How many watts is each bulb?

    The main difference between HPS and CFLs is that with CFLs the heat is spread around the ceiling, and there is lots of space for air to move between the bulbs and even within each bulb. With HPS, the heat is concentrated in one spot, so there is less air circulating around it. OP, I think you would do well with Greencamoflaugh's design, but if you want HPS I would add a small intake fan on the side, at the level of the light or just under it, to cool the bulb. I know it's hard to do this when your light moves and the intake spot doesn't move with it, but I think you're going to need it.

    And I have to agree with "the woman"; you'll have enough trouble cooling 150W. If you want 250W you'll need a virtual wind tunnel in there.

    I have a 150W HPS in a smaller (but 5 ft tall) cab, and an intake fan at about canopy height. This fan had been on the outside of the cab, but today I put it inside the cab, and mounted it so that it tilts slightly up, towards the lamp. The temps dropped from about 80 to about 78. It's just a couple of degrees but it was very little work and didn't cost any money. I also have a fan on the fixture itself, to pull hot air from the bulb. To give you an idea of how hot HPS is, the fan on the lamp is 80CFM and the air coming out of it is 107! This hot air then travels higher up in the cab and is pulled through a carbon filter (made from a colander and some screening) and out of the cab by two PC fans.

    So, I have a 150W HPS and a total of 4 fans in a 14" x 15" x 60" cabinet and my temps are 10 above room temperature. Not very good at all, but I'm hoping to improve it with better exhaust fans.

    As for the carbon filter, they generally have ratings in CFM. I wanted to buy one to make my life easier, but they are just too big for my cab. I would say get the smallest one you can find and then get a fan on the higher end of the rating.

    If you need stealth you might consider building an air box above the cabinet. It will help with light leaks and you can put your filter and exhaust fans and ballast on the outside top of the metal cab.
  11. take a look at my cab in my signature and it should give you some ideas. any questions gimme a shout... good luck and get your grow on!

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