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Best ways to get high when you have asthma?

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by littitties420, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Hey everyone,
    The other day I was diagnosed with asthma due to a chronic cough, wheeze and shortness of breath. I have been smoking for 6+ years and I’m 22. Asthma runs in the family along with other allergies. Smoking relieves when it’s Happening but after I’m sure it doesn’t help my cough at all. What’s the best way to consume cannabis with asthma??

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  2. Try a dry herb vaporizer or cartridges if there available to you.

    I to have asthma although it's not to bad so I can smoke and vape. Good luck man

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  3. Edibles prolly if you can't smoke it
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    I’d look into terpenes and a vaporizer. pinene helps with Asthma. I use to take 3 or 4 pills a day and carry a inhaler with me. Now I carry a vaporizer and some weed.
    Pinene: The Powerful Terpene That Combats Paranoia And Asthma
    I always keep certain strains around in the spring and early summer, mostly og kush since it also helps with pain, mood, and sleep. Don’t get me wrong I still get other symptoms like sneezing, or runny nose but I never worry about not being able to breath anymore.
    The medical side of cannabis is so much more rewarding than trying to find the dankest weed in your area.
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  5. I'd say start getting into wax / dab cartridges, I prefer them just because they don't smell. You just hook them up to a vape pen and you're all set. Be careful with the pens though depending on what you're using because too high of a wattage can either damage the cartridge or waste some of the wax.
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  6. I do not know anything about the studies or how great of a study/studies they were. But we've found THC to be a bronchodilator, however, we also found some people with asthma had opposite effects, and it's one of those, we don't know why, kind of things... seems to be a lot of those. Still, no idea about the study.

    But, it's an obvious leap to say smoking is not good for these issues. But, that's more smoking all of those pretty flowers. Go with the plethora of hash variations or edibles, try to keep all the non essentials (plant matter) out of there.

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    Gave up smoking weed once I started making these.

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