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Best way to conceal the smell of bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Bluetuna, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. I just bought an oz of nug today. I've smoking for over 20 years and I swear I've never seen such stinky bud. I transported it about 5 hours ago and my truck bed still absolutely reeks. I stashed it in the basement inside a dry box and I can smell it from three rooms over. Can anyone recommend a container for it that will reduce the smell? Thanks.
  2. I'd say for an ounce, a couple, maybe three, big, properly cleaned out pill containers would do the trick.

  3. Wow that sounds awesome!!! Best solution FOR SURE will be to stash it here with me. No one over there will smell it I promise.
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  4. It was pretty expensive but I smoked a bowl when I got home and I'm still ripped. Grapefruit and some Gorilla Glue. I swear, weed 5 years ago was an entirely different animal. If you are local, I will smoke a bowl with you.
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  5. OC California. I was just kidding though. Not that I would refuse your generous offer and also pack one in return.

    My uncle said the same thing. Hadn't smoked since like the seventies or eighties. Shit maybe the sixties. He smoke once with me and has now been picking up off me exclusively for probably five years now. Lolol he couldn't believe how strong weed is now.
  6. I was just messing with you kid. I think they smoked dried leaves back in the sixties.
  7. airtight jar. if its some sticky icky fire ass shit you might wanna even double jar it

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