Best mettod to cure weed

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by joao.zarco, Aug 28, 2017.

  1. I cant buy mason jars because they are too expensive what other mettods do you guys propose?

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  2. Still you are going to want to try to find glass... doesn't seem like it'd be terribly expensive... I'd imagine you have hobby shops in your area right? Or some type of food store should carry jars to store food... you don't have any old jam jars or any other glass food jar that's empty and can be cleaned? It's definitely worth it to store the product in glass... can't purchase any on eBay or something?

    How much are you seeing them listed for in the stores? I mean it seems you could find a food item in a glass jar at the store for a modest price. But I'm not in your area so I have no idea.
  3. Same ports on ebay, but ill probably buy them on ikea! Thanks!

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  4. I can get them for abou 45 dollars

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  5. I've been saving all my glass jars of jelly and pasta sauce for the last few months because free jars. just wash them, but that goes without saying
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  6. I wouldn tuse plastic,I know dispean
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  7. European Canning jars are still not very expensive
    Weck Jars
    Leifheit 25-oz Glass Wide-Mouth Mason Canning Jar —
    Most markets have a food preservation section and should have some basic jars.
    Clean Glass Jars are still the best way to cure and long term store Cannabis.
    Plastic is not good.
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  8. Yeah ,good thing my kids like pickles.I get the huge Kosher pickles jars and have a hell of a collection now,There perfect and hold a bunch of buds,need to wash the shit out of them a few times though,also seen the the dollar stores in my town have mason jars they sell them in bulk cheaply..
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