Beginning Leaves Turning Yellow?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by SmokinBluntsTX, May 16, 2010.

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew why the beginning leaves are now going yellow?
    Could it be because it needs more light?

    Just please dont read and leave.
    It's a simple question, i just have no idea about the answer.


    (my plants are about 2 weeks old)

  2. It's normal for the cotyledons to die off. No worries ;)

    good luck with your grow! :smoke:
  3. It would be a simple answer if the question was simple. :)

    Depending on what you are talking about exactly. Like doinYODA says, if you are talking about the very first set of leaves that sprouted turning yellow after a few weeks, yes thats normal. If you are talking about the beginning leaves of any new growth it's not.

    Man, I think I'm stoned, sorry guys :smoking: :bongin:
  4. ok same question but a bit more defined... the seed leaves (the first set that are round at the end) have already turned yellow and r now gone, the second set of leaves ( the pointy ones) r turning yellow at the end of the leaves (away from stock) she/he or it is getting enough water. (it has more leave but they are all green for now) and wind and lite (at least 8 hours) i'm afraid to feed (fert-10-10-10) also i have horse crap in there mixed well in soil, plz help i dont want my triplets to died (note 1st plant in pot by its self is the one w/ issue) other 2 are in a HUGE pot by themselfs. trying to grow so i have study power and i'm to cheap and broke to come off any money to but me some
  5. oh and the plants r 2-3 weeks old started at begining of month (planted)
  6. well dude with no pics you're not going to get an answer. It's nearly impossible to diagnose a problem when it is just being described by an admitted novice. Post a couple pics, and you'll prolly have good advice given within the first few hours.
  7. no camera and cell phone is a piece of crap, the only thing i can do is describe the best i can, so plz any help would be nice, just some run of the mill answers so i atleast know what i'm looking at
  8. I think we may have the same problem and I luckily have some pictures. Let me know if this is your issue and if you have found a way to solve it or not. I'm still trying to find out.

    Sorry for hijacking your thread...

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  9. hey hijack away, do not mind ;)...same issue but now the first set of leaves r halfway gone and the seed leaves r completely gone. yours look just like mine but those 2 first set of leaves , but the plant seems to be doing good nothing as of yet is turning yellow, i check everyday make sure plenty of water.. they sat out in the rain... these plant r all natural xcept for fertilizer, if u find any1 to help u send me a note
  10. plus i need to top mine soon they will be a month old the first week of june and r getting soooo BIG!!!!!!!!! i have 3 growing and one of them has to be a problem child, damnit jim

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