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  1. Hi I'm currently growing 2 Vision AK 49 Auto - Feminised seeds I'm growing under a 130watt cfl there growing pretty slow but my main question was after how many days from sprouting will they take to flower?
    should be showing sex by 6 weeks, then 6-8 after that weeks to harvest is how many autos are. brighter lights makes a difference.
    people bitch about autos being weak and low yield but they do kick ass sea of green under 1,000W. I love growing my autos from the seeds I bred. is like I hit the jackpot with that seed crop.
  3. Good on ya man wood love to grow under 1000w hids but the heat is to much of a problem for me thanks for the answer
    You said 130 watt CFL right?? CFL's are for cooking dinner under not growing plants lol
  5. What?
  6. You said your plants look small...did you expect jack and the beanstalk using CFL??
    Another sad sad soul tricked by this forum into using CFL's with auto strains
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    pshhh, please im doing a mixture of T5ho and CFLs, my plant is doing just fine, maybe not like HPS or MH lights but im happy with what I get.
  8. can you elaborate on slow? how many weeks is she in and to how much foliage/ height is she at 
  9. are using T5 high output lights as well as CFL's??  Well damn then I guess you can thank the CFL's for the productivity.....or wait....maybe you should thank the ACTUAL GROW LIGHT YOU ARE USING, A HIGH OUTPUT ONE AT THAT...
    smh - lmao
  10. but on the other side, theres plenty of journals here, which are using CFLs  only grow and are making big colas..
    Show me one good producing plant being grown under CFL's with no HPS
  12. Ahaha it's only like 1week old it's probz like 1-2inches I'm height
  13. I don't think people realize that getting 2 ounces per plant is horrible...
    I can list a few things you got going wrong for you...but good luck
    1) bad equipment / no equipment
    2) dirty environment (bad air...wrong temp, humidity, etc.)
    3) Probably the wrong dirt
    4) probably over or under watering
    5) probably don't have airflow
  15. circumstances.. some people dont have the room, and the lifestyle to grow a pound per plant. im not saying you're wrong just think that you shouldnt be judging a book by its cover...
    I'd want to know what's OP's goal on growing his autos (general goals and yield goal)
    my goal to growing was to simply grow a plant through budding stage, to learn from my experience and to see if growing was made for me, im also happy I didnt invest in a BIG 2000$ Setup as id always be in the look out. I made my goal come true and im happy with what I got.
    but as I said circumstances is the key word.
  16. just be patient.. :)
    Well said...
  18. Well, finally, someone else growing this strain!

    I myself am growing an AK-49 Auto from Vision as well as a Pyramid Auto New York City, but mine are under a 150w HPS in an organic soil mix. Here's some pics of mine to compare against. Little one is the AK-49 at about 4 days above soil which is around 2.5 to 3 inches tall, the others are of the NYC at about 12 days and about 5 inches tall.

    I don't know why it looks like I'm looking through blinds, just an effect of the lighting on my tablet camera. Any odd coloration is due to this, the plants are both nice rich green colors.

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    Growing the same in LP Aeroponics. Vision AutoAk49. 1st time.  here

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