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Auto White widow round 3 ;) and Bluetooth round 2

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Lindsay 420, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. image.jpeg Honestly becoming a strain I love to grow now this girls had a hard start but she off n going like mad now 3 weeks old she's shown preflowers so won't be long now till the fun part begins :) where in coco perlite under a 400 hps as per usual using nutrifield veg and bloom this time though also silica,pk heavy and biodiesel once she get flowering
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  2. Looking forward to creating a supercroped monster out of her treat them mean make the crystals gleam ;)
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  3. Fuck , nice pic s,I hope you have a bountiful grow,I love any strain that involves big bud,I gotta Incredible bulk going now,these plants grow some monster nugs in hydro..I also got a nice Grand daddy Purple male going as well, gonna be making some seeds,I can t wait.
  4. image.jpeg Big buds well on her way to glory ;) frosty as already n swelling beautifully single blade leaf freak she is
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  5. You should cross gpd and incredible bulk...not sure if its already been done or not but I'm sure it would be pretty cool!

    Fem Auto (Amnesia Haze) Come on in and share your auto grow! This is my first

    Bag seed grow journal (Flowering)
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  6. Big buds swelling n building nicely now :) n well the widow is growing like a crazy women haha will get some new photo tomorrow had a lot of rearanging to do in last day after cutting one in my tent so now the big bud and 2 others in heavy flower have been transfered in to the tent to finish up :) can already tell the widow is gonna be a nice girl :) wish I could actually get a hermie or even a male in Autoflower but so far nothing but girls every time :)
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  7. White widow has double in size since first pic above looks like she's getting ready to set flowers now :) Bluetooth also just starting to set flower and is quit large for an auto so should be interesting to see what she brings to the game
  8. Will get up some new pics tomorrow keep forgetting to take some due to mixing 3 different feeds to take care of multiple strains at multiple stages actually have white widow,Bluetooth autos and super skunk and aurora indica photo periods
  9. image.jpeg Well the White widow is heck of a lot bigger than she was in previous pic lol she happy n looks to be getting ready to start flowering :)
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  10. Update please
  11. Well it appears this widow is most deff a sativa Dom :( unlike the others I've grown it has just stretched and put on height to point had to top it yesterday due to in the space of a night it out on like close to boody 5 inches and top crown was actually above the light shade completely lol and due to others in the room couldn't raise light higher so topped it and supercroped some of the other taller branches to bring height down a little
    Think the major stretch is due to being on 12/12 not 18/6 as normally would run for autos but she's starting to set flowers nicely now
  12. Ok well thought id give an update :) haha well after her crazy stretch n having to top her I've now moved her into her own tent n lights almost back up to 18/6 instead of 12/12 lol I've now tied her down supercroped half n transplanted into a 45 lt grow pot n she's happy as now n starting to flower beautifully :) already visible crystal on smaller leaves ect n looks to be going to produce some nice solid buds :)
  13. image.jpeg This pic is from 5 days ago when she went into the tent will get new pic tomorrow as she's actually put on quit a bit over last few days n looks lt nicer thank god hahaha
  14. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Starting to look bit better now :) few more weeks should actually look like she will give me half decent return lol not something I was really expecting way she looked couple weeks ago
  15. image.jpeg Couldn't get whole plant in pic so this is the right side lol
  16. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg First 2 pics are Bluetooth she's getting quiet fat now haha and second 2 are the widow she really filling out now n packing on crystal verrrrry nicely she's def loving the big pot
  17. Starting to foxtail a little but checked trichs tonight n there pretty much ALLL cloudy :) :) :) smells awsome to really fruity say will probably feed for next 3 or 4 days then will flush for 3 or 4 days with ph molasses water then another 3 days with plain ph'd water :) sooo happy with how she's turning out never expected due to how sparse she was up until few weeks ago
  18. Wonder just how much fatter can get lol strings that where holding down branches now loose lol few more days might have to reverse them to hold branches up not down :) :) really happy with this widow she looks n smells great starting to get foxtails all over place now n swollen right up scoped her again tonight n all trichs milky now so hopefully start to see ambers next few days
    The Bluetooth is fonally getting few hairs change couloir now lol but still has few clears here n there trichs wise so say she still atleast 2 weeks off

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